Making Combat Interesting

Places to Fight

Things to spice up a fight

Cinematic Combat Manoeuvres

Monster Roles in Combat


Speeding up combat

Practice. Combat will go faster as people get more comfortable with the ebb and flow. Spellcasters should absolutely be reading ahead on others' turns. I actually have a rule, when I get to you, if you don't say anything for 3 seconds, you spend the round thinking, and you get skipped. Might be more "stick" than "carrot" but I find it works well after a few people get skipped.


Combat Rules


Combat Tracker

Kobold Fight Club


Large Scale Battles

## Combat short and to the point

Narrative Combat

The Tyranny of the Grid

Player Psychology applied to Boss Battles

Traps and Hazards in combat encounters

Critical Rolls and Fumbles

Hit Effects

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