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Choose two to protect you. The others will try to kill you.

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Timi Fell down the well


Encounter: Undead Ground


The idea behind this encounter is that instead of having a fight with the undead, its a "get to the other side" encounter.

Skeletal ground

The ground floor comes alive beneath the players. As skeletal hands attempt to reach out and grab the players towards their death. On initiative count 0. All players with feet on the ground must make a STR saving throw, DC 10 if you have moved this round, DC 12 if you havent moved this round. Disadvantage on this saving throw while laying prone. Upon failure, the player is dragged 1d4+1 feet into the ground. Breaking free is an athletics (STR) check, where the DC 10+feet sunk.

Once players are submerged, they start suffocating. Use the suffocating rules. The ground itself instead of sucking the players in, starts to crush the players. On initative count 0, the players must make a DC 11 CON saving throw, to avoid the pressure of the ground, or take 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Where the damage die increases with 1d4 for every round submerged.

Skeletons raise from the ground

When the encounter starts, an equal amount to players +1 skeletons raise from the ground. Thereafter the skeletons raise on initative count of 20, where the amont skeletons raised is equal to the amount killed in the previous round plus one. A few of the skeletons have bows, that will fire upon the cheeky players that decide to fly across. Otherwise, the skeletons strategy is to throw the players prone. So they are sucked into the ground. The skeletons have 1 hit point, they will die to literally anything that hits them.

The map

I have been using a chessex map, where I drew it abit tower defence like. Where the ground elevated, and the hills they had to run up, I treated as difficult terrain for the players. As well as an extra +1 on the STR saving throw on the ground. The map had an entry and an exit.


This encounter challenged a level 5 party not enough to actually completely crush them, but enough to stress them a bit out. Some damage was taken. It emphasizes teamwork among the players, so that they pull each other out of the ground. This encounter can be extra punishing for weak characters, or short characters. In order to increase or decrease the difficulty, you can reduce or increase the amount of skeletons you use. Point is to overwhelm the party if they stand still and decide to take the fight.


Flowers For Algernon: A manipulative Green Dragon hands out intelligence... at a price.



Fun River encounter


Philosophical traps

Shia LaBeouf

Rival adventuring party/person


Spooked horses

Locating an item or person is always a good one, the players need to make social checks to question people, investigate rumors to establish leads that sort of thing, maybe even decipher some divination magic.

Having to run a negotiation can be fun, especially if its high stakes (perhaps playing the prosecution or defense at a trial?


Physical obstacles that can't be easily overcome - rivers that have burst their banks and destroyed their bridges, mountain passes that lead to fresh gorges running across the route they want to take, an earthquake that collapses the tunnel they were heading down

A social encounter with a strange witch who offers them some enchantment could be a challenge - is she being genuine or is it a trap for the players?

Dungeons devoid of enemies but full of traps and/or puzzles to protect their treasure

Gold dragon that vomits gold


Encounter Builder


Simple Sidequest


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