Small humanoid (goblinoid), neutral evil

Armor Class 15 (leather armor, shield)

Hit Points 7 (2d6)

Speed 30 ft.







8 (-1)

14 (+2)

10 (+0)

10 (+0)

8 (-1)

8 (-1)

Skills Stealth +6

Senses darkvision 60 ft.,  ception 9

Languages Common, Goblin

Challenge 1/4 (50 XP)

Nimble Escape. The goblin can take the Disengage or Hide action as a bonus action on each of its turns.


Scimitar. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) slashing damage.

Shortbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, range 80/320 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage.

Goblin Notes


  1. The goblin with a rusty sword.
  2. The goblin with a cracked shield.
  3. The goblin with greasy stains on its armor.
  4. The goblin with patched armor.
  5. The goblin with blue warpaint.
  6. The goblin with a leather helm.
  7. The goblin with a wolf-face helm
  8. The goblin with an eyepatch.
  9. The goblin with a lanyard of severed ears around its neck.
  10. The goblin with a big hoop earring.
  11. The goblin with a shiny silver belt.
  12. The goblin wearing a wolf skin.
  13. The goblin with a feather tied in its hair.
  14. The goblin with a large belt purse.
  15. The goblin with a spider tattoo on its chest.
  16. The goblin with burn scars on its face.
  17. The goblin missing part of its left ear.
  18. The goblin missing its front teeth.
  19. The fat goblin.
  20. The goblin with amazing sideburns.


10 Goblins with Personality


  1. Lipless Rord: His lips are just fine; the nickname comes from the jagged scar across his throat that prevents him from speaking louder than a whisper.
  2. Ghalga Many-Whelps: This matronly goblin is never seen without at least four of her babes in tow; she teaches her children how to fight by throwing them at enemies.
  3. Purg Pie Rat: Wearing a black tai-corn hat, with a skull hastily drawn on in chalk, and fighting with two meat hooks he holds in his hands, this goblin fancies himself a pirate, but is only really interested in plundering pastries.
  4. Fongoa Stranglesgood: This goblin has over-long arms which hang down to her knees, and oversized hands. She kisses her victims just as they die, attempting to steal their last breath.
  5. Lork: Having once heard the saying “if you can’t see me, I can’t see you,” his solution to danger is to clap his hands over his eyes and try to scuttle off in a random direction.
  6. Urbla Stewmaker: Her ability to use fire to cook food instead of burn it makes her a gourmet cook by goblin standards. She chops up the bodies of friend and foe alike after battle to cook in her “lovely” stews.
  7. Borgo Dagger-Eye: This goblin has a horrific injury: the hilt of a dagger protrudes from his right eye, the result of a horrific knife-throwing accident. He has never removed the dagger, as he believes doing so will kill him. His preferred weapon remains throwing knives.
  8. Zingers Mudlover: Having loved wallowing in mud since she was a little whelp, once Zingers learned being covered head to toe in the stuff makes her blend in better to her swampy surroundings, she has almost never been without the stuff.
  9. Kibzunk the Licker: While this goblin was named primarily for his love of licking random objects, he is also a metaphorical bootlicker, quick to provide sycophantic praise to the strongest person in sight.
  10. Grout Hobwitch: This grizzled, ancient goblin is renowned for her knowledge of goblin magic, which mostly involves dubious curses and vague parables. She wears a belt of shrunken heads, and keeps a rat in a cage which she claims is her familiar.

# 100 Memorable Goblins


  1. Uur’lok – This pesky little goblin got his arm tore off by a Hobgoblin Commander after he was caught stealing from him. He loves sneaking around and stealing shiny things.
  2. Fugh – This goblin is a bit… slower than the rest in his tribe, but he’s big, strong, and easy to order around. The only problem is he eats more than 3 other goblins do in a day, and he’s still growing.
  3. Grishnar, the Rusted Knight – Clad head to toe in rusted, scrounged together armor stolen from unlucky adventurers. He’s allowed these trophies as his insistence on ‘chivalry’ means he’ll never try to take over the tribe, and he thinks he’s invincible so he’ll fight anybody you tell him to.
  4. Crimson Hat – Clad in a blood red cap or unknown origin, and heavy iron boots, this Gob is often confused with a hob. He insists he claimed his hat from a Red Cap he did a favor for.
  5. Huro-Huro – Clad in only a leather loincloth, this jungle dwelling goblin who has learned the secrets of druids. His form is slimly and almost…scaly.
  6. 3-Gob – 3 gobs in a trench cloak, insists since he’s so ‘tall’ he should be in charge. Very unconvincing.
  7. Gully Blackwaters: Patriarch of the Blackwater clan, he has been running the swamps for his entire life. He has built his clan up on raiding, magic, and good old intimidation.
  8. Tik – wears a necklace made of his own teeth. Says he wants to keep them as “spares” in case important ones fall out.
  9. Iz Iz – Claims to be a great and powerful sorcerer who can bend reality to her will, but the stars are just not aligned today. Will take credit for any unexplained event.
  10. Moka – A cook who has one recipe. He loves it. Others hate it. Anyone who complains doesn’t eat for the next couple days. They have no idea what they are talking about.
  11. Kalo – Claims his parents were wolves. Not that he was raised by wolves, that his parents WERE wolves. Fights with no equipment, snarling and biting. Sleeps in the wolves pen, curled up in the fetal position.
  12. Zarl – A practicing mage accidentally resurrected this goblin instead of his companion by mistake. Believes they are a god.
  13. Trizick – a ex-bandit turned circus owner/worker when a series of nefarious plots didn’t quite work out (due to his own cowardice).
  14. Yameeka – a female goblin who thinks she’s a gnome/halfling who has been cursed. Begs the party to help her break the curse and directs them to the wizard she believes did it (can be real or completely imagined.)
  15. Pakpak – a goblin that can only say pack and carries a pack on his backpack. Will pack your snacks into your backpack if your name isn’t Jack.
  16. Mushroo – A shy female goblin who somehow got her hands on an old, rusty harp missing a few strings. She’s a surprising natural at using it, coaxing clear notes as if it were a high quality instrument and able to play any song heard just from memory. Can be sent down the path to taking levels in bard
  17. Dun bo- A goblin with ears each as big as his head. Is very self conscious about it. Has a massive bonus the listen checks. Usually to hear the whispered jokes about his big ears.
  18. Makarr – a small goblin wielding a massive banner who cannot be persuaded to part with. Adopted by a barrack of orc soldiers who treat him as their mascot, he is always at the forefront of their raids, waving his banner amid the chaos. Is surprisingly lucky when it comes to surviving the battlefield.
  19. King – Bedecked in a cloak and crown stolen from a stage show, he walked into the nearest goblin tribe and asserted himself as the new ruler because quote, ‘can’t you see this shiny crown?’ Regularly sends squads into nearby towns to get him ‘Booze and wrenches’, pissing off the local bartenders and engineers.
  20. Choppa – carries a device like a tiny guillotine. Sneaks into camps at night, looking for sleeping adventurers with exposed fingers to chop off and collect.
  21. Tipy-Tap – One of the toughest goblins you’ve ever met. Picked on by other goblins as a child for his name, often joking about his “tiny tipy-tap feet” lead him to doing nothing but leg days. Now he’s got legs like tree trunks. Can squash another goblins head without even trying. Unfortunately his arms never got much workout so he barely has the strength to swing a sword.
  22. Nit – a shadow monk with a heavy Brooklyn accent. He works as highly-trained muscle for a major crime organization which freed him from slavery. He very much enjoys his job.
  23. Guillermo Espinoza, Marquis du Blancmont – This goblin is almost certainly insane, and seems to have read The Three Musketeers a few times too many. Tall boots with floppy tops. Brightly colored tabard. Rapier. Nice hat though, it has feathers.
  24. Uggah Wai – The labored breathing and snot running off his chin makes you pretty sure this gob either has a head cold or the worst case of hay fever in history.
  25. Gabe – Claims to be a human victim of true polymorph. He’s making the best of it, because at least now he can get laid. So the women are goblins. So what.
  26. Tiff and Wubb – These siblings are the goblin equivalent of tweens. They aren’t armed. They are lost and cold and hungry.
  27. Mah-Lohn – He just wants to make a living selling beer and cider to anyone with coin. Anyone who enters his tavern inexplicably gains knowledge of the other patrons’ names.
  28. Nom and Clav – These two gobs are veritable fonts of dubious knowledge. Usually found drinking together at Ploddits, Mah-Lohn’s bar.
  29. Gubbz – A suicidally brave (and probably insane) goblin with an unearthly amount of luck. He gets easily distracted and dodges most attacks by picking up funny looking rocks, breaking into a spontaneous dance, tripping over his own feet and stumbling out of harms way, etc. He thinks that this ‘protection’ comes from his ancestors and thus often fights naked.
  30. Old ‘Pink-Robes Rutt – An elderly goblin wearing a pink, hooded robe that looks way too big for him. He wields a wand of smiles that he uses as a walking stick. For some reason it can also cast fireball in conjunction with the original spell, so that his victims smile before they get blown to pieces. He does not speak common and simply smiles widely but confused whenever he’s talked to in any other language than Goblin.
  31. Pinkskin – At about three feet tall, with a measly little head, and curly brown hair, Pinkskin is unfortunately the ugliest goblin ever born, with a face only a mother can love. His flat little claws barely even extend past his fingertips and break so easily.
  32. Kosmos – A Goblin ‘scientist’ whose destiny is watched over by the Gods. May one day change the world, if only she could learn to read first.
  33. Shake Spear – She writes and performs plays. Unfortunately, theater isn’t a highly respected art form where she is from. She wants to expand and perform in other parts of the world, but she fears people’s violent racism toward goblins.
  34. Glob – skintone more brownish with green spots, small even for the size of a goblin, always ridiculed and bullied, has no confidence but is in fact smarter than most goblins. Also plays the flute surprisingly well.
  35. Spike – (surprise surprise) a little larger and a lot fiercer than other goblins, a foul grin with a sadistic grimace. Sports a white/black mohawk. Spike is the leader of the pack, cunning and evil.
  36. Vash – A goblin alchemist who has not only managed to tame a giant vulture to fly around on, he’s also figured out how to build and use guns. Fond of infusing his ammunition with all kinds of volatile compounds just to see what happens.
  37. Gleb – A long time ago a goblin tribe was wiped out afterr they tried to play cards with a deck of many things. Adventurers came in and cleaned up the mess, however Gleb lived, he lived because he became a warlock to Enlil, a retired god who needed something done in Unther via XP and magic items that he got from the cards. (FR Setting ) He now travels the countryside on his trusty war pig (Pig not boar) Porkins.
  38. Jot – The oldest of a set of brothers. Jot is incredibly crafty, being well spoken for a goblin.
  39. Joot – The second oldest. Is a wonderful cook for goblin standards. He can a lot of unappetizing things… palatable.
  40. Jooot – The baby of the trio. Despite being the youngest, he’s actually the tallest as well. He doesn’t do much, but he enjoys painting (with things that aren’t paint).
  41. Gizmit – the goblin wizard effigy master who built himself a wyvern effigy, then shrank himself down with a reduce person, which he made permanent. He now spends most of his time in a control center inside the wyverns head.
  42. Gututut – Big, Strong, and Hairy Goblin, thinks he may be adopted.
  43. Zuntik – Goblin Cleric who worships himself.
  44. Bang Booyahg: A goblin trickster cleric whose essence Garl Glittergold mistook for a gnomes and accidentally gave powers. Ever since the incident Bang has become a fervent disciple in hopes to prove himself worthy of his deity.
  45. Fizgit – A female goblin who travels the world writing about her journeys. Her stories are romantic fantasies, where she is the most beautiful desirable goblin in the land and has whirlwind affairs with almost every male character she meets. Anyone who critiques her, draws her ire and are major villains in her story. Those who support her are written as madly in love with her.
  46. Three Crusts- As a young scout, the goblin became lost and wound up high in the mountains. Freezing and starving, he was found by a woodsman and carried to the woodsman’s small home. The man and his wife served him and another traveler up food pulled from a wooden box in the kitchen and gave them a place to sleep. In the night, the goblin arose and grabbed the box, delighted to have found such a prize. To cover his escape, he lit the home on fire and ran into the night. Once he had passed out of reach of any pursuit, he opened up the box. Inside he found three crusts of bread. The woodsman and his wife had shared all but their very last food with him, and in return he had robbed them and burned their home. The goblin flung the box down, and then was sent reeling to the ground by a powerful blow. He looked up into the eyes of the other traveler, dressed in silver armor and holding a mace. The traveler, a cleric of a goddess of justice, had managed to put out the fire before it had done any real damage, and then had come after the goblin. Rather than kill him, he declared that the goblin would serve him for three years, one for every crust of bread in the box. Over the next three years, Three Crusts served as the clerics servant, then his squire and friend. Three Crusts took holy orders himself shortly after the three years ended, and is now a paladin.
  47. Gulzyat the Undying – This little cursed fellow is a horrible nuisance. He wears nothing but a ratty pelt from a Dire Badger with the upper half of the badger head worn like a helm and the ratty pelt acting as a cloak and an old rusty piece of full plate elbow joint as a codpiece. The badger is appropriate because once you kill Gulzyat he seems to tenaciously come back to life at the worst of times appearing out of no where to exact a bit of revenge for his death. He is just a normal goblin for the most part so Gulzyat is not so much a physical threat himself but more about the ill timing of his reappearance. Trying to sneak around the sleeping hill giant? Not so fast here comes that odd little goblin you thought you killed to make a racket and wake him up. Trying to lie your way past the city guard? Guess what, the little bastard speaks enough common to pop up and let them know what you are really about. Trying to impress a noble, hard to do when a goblin appears chanting your name and peeing on his plate of roast duck. Remove curse only works for one encounter where Gulzyat would have appeared and then he turns up again like a bad penny. A wish can rid you of Gulzyat sending him to pester someone else but the only other way is to trick some other poor sap into killing the little nob and getting someone else to take on Gulzyats ire that is currently directed at you.
  48. Lokey Mogul- Serial killer, chef, and television personality! Hosts a cooking show (viewed on scrying mirrors that some rich people own) called ‘Gobblin’ With A Goblin’ in which he details the process of kidnapping, cooking, and properly serving people. Sometimes has ‘guest stars’ (either kidnapped people or bandits) that rate his dishes. Is a powerful Illusionist that uses Hallucinatory Terrain to make his victims think they have ran into a dead end and to avoid other people seeing his kidnappings. His kitchens are usually back alleys, abandoned buildings, and other people’s attics.
  49. Ukmot, Archfiend Warlock – Considered the weakest of his tribe, he was beaten and exiled. In his rage he vowed his service to Glasya in exchange for power and to advance his goals for submitting goblinkind under his rule and sending his enemies to his patron for eternal suffering.
  50. Boom Boom, the Pyroman(iac)cer – A slender goblin with a nasty lisp, the right half of the face is covered in burnmarks, remnant of one of his most successful experiments, as he would claim. He has a bag with him and you can be sure, one item in there is a firestarter and the rest, some sort of explosive devices. His catchphrase: ‘I can make ith boom boom?’
  51. Zamot – an elderly goblin who believes his walking stick has been possessed by a wild(a wolf) god by the name of Ral’tak. He constantly talks to his walking stick as a result and every night he wanders out of his encampment to find a pack of wolves to howl at the moon with.
  52. Zig’Won the Quick – Twin goblins known for their pranks by seeming to appear in two places at once. Not to be confused with his brother Zig’Tu.
  53. Orgg’mal the Mountain Prince – An unusually large goblin king that became famous for discovering, posthumously, that rocks are heavy.
  54. Shib’hal the Sand Rat – Famous adventurer that was one of the first goblins to make friends with another humanoid species and retired wealthy. Many mainland humans mistakenly use the word ‘shib’hal’ as friend in Goblinspeak, no goblin has yet to be in a rush to correct them.
  55. The Goblin raider, Mød – He is known in these parts. He finds clothes uncomfortable, instead wearing only a loin cloth and coating himself in dirt, twigs, leaves and anything else he can find. Unlike other goblins, mød doesn’t really care for shiny things. Instead, he covets dark things. To this end, he carries a pouch of charcoal to darken the shiny gold coins he acquires.
  56. Gorgeous Garrow the Galiant – This little Goblin bard wears a pirate costume complete with a captain’s hat and a fake beard. He plays a violin and sings tall tales of his courageous swashbuckling adventures (he’s actually terrified of deep water and has never been on a boat).
  57. Beetlebug Cragmaw: Goblin bard who acts as a spy for secret orginizations around the world acts tough but is a total sweetheart and just wants to make the world safer.
  58. Backbite the Harmless- Goblin Sorcerer and former mob member. Backbite talks like a wagon salesman mixed with a freeform poet. His magic comes from his Divine Soul, much to the surprise of his family. Backbite is now seeking to live up to whatever his ‘heritage’ is, meaning that he sometimes stops midsentence and says, ‘oh, but we’re GOOD guys now, riiiight…’
  59. Gorscrik Bleeder- A gloom hunter who seeks vengeance against a powerful Hobgoblin warlord. Gorscrik became a goblin veteran the hard way, in the massed ranks of a barely-armed and untrained horde invading Human lands. Driven on by Hobgoblin masters and clambering over the mounds of their own dead, the wave of green swept over the north of the continent, sacking cities and overwhelming armies. The southland, fertile and lush, beckoned to the goblins. But the Hobgoblin leadership, led by High Chief Captain Druzz’defor, chose to turn the horde against the Dwarven fortress of Merget Mon-Moor. Gorscrik, who was sent as a scout, returned and reported that an attack would be madness. In response, Druzz’defor demoted him and assigned him to the first rank of footmen sent against the Fortress, referred to now by goblins as The Grinder. Facing veteran Dwarves in prepared defensive positions, the mighty green horde was butchered brutally and mercilessly. Gorscrik, by an odd turn of fate, survived the battle, lying senseless in the sea of his slaughtered comrades. After being washed into a side tunnel by a Dwarven Waste Disposal crew, he revived and learned to survive in the hazards of the Underdark. He returned to the topworld hungry for revenge and glory.
  60. Nibbler the Nilbog – This zainy crazy Jester shaman Goblin Nilbog lives alone in swamps. He is like Yoda and will just show up some nights. He just wants food to be honest, but is always down for a good joke or riddle. Will o’ Wisps also HATE this guy and will back off when he is around, but he will always comment on the pretty colours. Maybe he will give some magical items or enlighten the party with hints if he is treated very nicely?
  61. Hobbin of the Dirt – A loony, mud-soaked, and scratched up goblin that wanders the forests, believing herself to be a powerful druid capable of communing with the trees. Her only companion is a ferocious and blood-thirsty badger that Hobbin can happily calm with a long hug. Hobbin’s (literally) insane dedication to nature has led her to powerful places unknown to outsiders, where the veil between the Feywild and the Material Plane are thin. She does not know what knowledge she sits upon or that the forest has been silently taking care of her.
  62. Mort’Gix the Fell: As evil as a goblin can get, his necromancy and dark arts took down an ancient Dwarven empire.
  63. Milt’fiq the Counter: A notable goblin warrior for discovering thrusting two spears into an enemy is better than one.
  64. Werd’Yacñan of Crimson Peak: The first shaman to instill the dead spirits of goblins into their kin. The rage she unleashed that day blew up half a mountain. Stories of her inquisitiveness inspires many generations of curious young goblins.
  65. Little Zorm: a teenage orc who was raised in a goblin tribe and believes themselves to be an unusually large goblin. Will do their best to reject the truth.
  66. Big Zorm: an obese goblin chief who is carried around in a chair by four other goblins. Demands the finest things in life (like shiny buttons, interesting feathers, and obsecenely-shaped rocks). Big Zorm has a big sack full of these treasures he never lets out of his sight, and adds to the weight of his chair.
  67. Schlan Mlorg: will demand anybody who talks to him pronounce his name perfectly. Nobody except him can EVER say it right, to his immense frustration.
  68. Ghaulli: Working two full-time jobs as the inns housekeeper and the taverns busgirl, Ghaulli soon becomes a familiar face. She’s an honest worker, but is often met with suspicion from patrons due to her race. Though the work is tiring and often thankless, Ghaulli is a widow who tries her best to ensure her young son is provided for.
  69. Fared the Gilded – As an old test subject for the secretive magus Jordroy, Fared was constantly exposed to strange magics, often for long periods of time. It was during one of Jordroy’s alchemical mishaps that Fared had he chance to escape his cage and run to freedom, although not before being doused in a variety of mysterious reagents. By the time Fared had a chance to rest and look himself over, the entire right side of his body from knee to ear had transformed into solid gold. This gold functioned the same as his normal body, but gave him the ability to transform a tiny object into gold once per day by touching it with his golden arm. He now constantly travels from place to place, using his ability to get by. He wears a thick black cloak he never takes off so as to avoid getting kidnapped for his ability or worse, taken back to Jordroy.
  70. Glizbik, The Dawn Priest – Glizbik was once a feral goblin that preyed on local travelers with his tribe, simplistic in his fondness for violence and shiny things. One day, he and his tribe raided a lone priest traveling the road. The priest pleasantly divided what he was carrying among the confused hunting party, and gave his holy symbol to Glizbik. He winked at the goblin and told him that when the time came that he wanted something more than this life he led, all he had to do was grasp the necklace and believe. Before the old dwarf could say anything else, the rest of Glizbik’s tribe attacked and killed him in the hopes they could find anything he was holding out on. Glizbik spent the next few days in contemplation, watching his fellow goblins squabble over their petty loot and trinkets. He found himself believing that they could be better, and that he should be better too. With that belief, he clasped his amulet and heard the voice of Auphaela, The Breaking Dawn for the first time. The Goddess of the Rising Sun told him of a better way of life, and showed him visions of what that could look like, promising that she would show him the path if he would be willing to walk it. Filled with a flurry of emotions for which he had no names, he made a promise to Auphaela that the priests words were not spoken in vain, and that he would guide his people out of the dust and into a life of higher ideals and racial unity. He now travels the land with a small group of goblins who share his beliefs, seeking to fill more goblins with the guiding light of the Goddess of New Beginnings. He strives to embody her tenants of charity and respect in the hopes that he may one day be able to atone for the sins of his tribe, his people, and himself. Though he sometimes falls victim to the pettier urges of his race, he always manages to quickly recover and use his power as a cleric of Aupheala to make amends.
  71. Steven – not even a goblin, just a weirdly colored human, and at this point, he’s a bit scared to tell them all.
  72. Rik and Gnalde – An elderly couple who’ve been mated for years. They are currently lost on their way to visit their grandchildren and arguing over who, if anyone, to ask for directions.
  73. Klikx – master trap maker, best in the land. Can create or disarm traps quite easily.
  74. Ratter – the tribes rat trainer. Spends more time with the rats than with anyone else and has begun taking on rat-like mannerisms like nose twitching.
  75. Wacs the Weasel – Best slaver globin around. Has an eye for spotting good targets for stealing and is ruthless in the execution.
  76. Sir Raynaldus the Heroic – claims he’s a decorated knight from a nearby kingdom who definitely doesn’t associate with other goblins. He’s very boastful and will go on for hours about hks heroic deeds. May or may not be an act.
  77. Ariawyn Ocoalyrn – swears she’s actually a very short, slightly malformed elf and definitely not a goblin. Is clearly a goblin.
  78. Frip and Drox – Frip had a dream where a god came down and possessed Drox, claiming his body as it’s planar form. He now follows Drox everywhere proclaiming his holy status and making a show of his open worship. Drox is sick of his shit.
  79. Daryl Gobbo – The bravest, little goblin you’ll ever meet. He dreams of being a mighty paladin one day.
  80. Bogskin the Foul – First goblin to drive off a fort of nasty elves using bad odors.
  81. Dead Trout of Nitzcave – First goblin to figure out how a crossbow works.
  82. Yizkak the Bold – First goat thief to also figure out she could ride them. Her name is a curse in Dwarvish.
  83. Skora the Flame Priestess – Touched by the God of Fire she burned so many things and is worshipped as a goddess in some warrens.
  84. Grimnott the Silent – A famous goblin assassin. Whose weapons of choice were a garotte wire and a vial of poison.
  85. Brizzlefrak the Smokepile – The first goblin to be hit by lightning.
  86. Mud’tew – a scaredy hunter goblin that stalks through the woods, his shrieks for help when stepping on something too round or angular are often assumed by travelers to be that of ghost or banshees.
  87. Grood the PC-goblin. Constantly annoys the other goblins with his liberal ideas. Inspired by the more civilized values of men, he aspire to one day brake free from his tribe and join the next party sent to exterminate his clan.
  88. Pastew the Owl – has large eyes, barn owl feathers glued to her face and arms, and tries to speak riddles and aphorisms from the books that they have inexpertly hidden on their person. Tries to practice stretching their neck / turning their head around when they think people aren’t looking.
  89. Gobli – A suspicious, weirdly hairy goblin who runs a cart selling Goblin-made tea to anyone with coin. Does’t pro-ounce N’s whe’ they talk.
  90. Morphi the Trickster. Loves setting traps, snares, and tripwires, can never remember where he’s set them. Frequently discovered bested by one of his own creations. Dresses like a Harlequin.
  91. Idjus Longnose – Proud leader of a band of hang-gliding goblin mercenaries. Famous for her bright orange cloak and hair.
  92. Fervious Feverfew the Fird – Grandchild of the renowned poisoner of the last King / Queen of the Kingdom. Adept at disguises, willing to share their knowledge for the right price.
  93. Gargar The Ox – A very small, blue goblin with sharp teeth and a too-wide grin. Once ate an entire live ox without stopping.
  94. Kattik of Mouse Haven – An elderly goblin with sensibly styled hair spectacles, and a shawl. Shrewd buisnessgoblin Runs an animal daycare. Employer of…
  95. Tiny – the fattest goblin you’ve ever seen, wearing not enough clothes, covered in purple woad markings. Loves animals, farts constantly, will cast cure minor wounds on any animal that they don’t think looks perfectly healthy.
  96. Darvu the Tunneller – Lieutenant of a brigade of war-goblins seeking to literally undermine the defenses of a nearby castle. Wears a red tricorn hat and large black leather boots.
  97. Bookkeeper Gorn – Wizard librarian goblin who gets drunk and starts fights in bars, has a large gold hoop pierced in their nose. Does not, and will not wear pants, to the great amusement of his nearby goblin friends.
  98. Quovill – Crippled at a young age, Quovill is capable of moving, fighting, climbing, etc thanks to a mobility exo-harness that their mother built for them. Speaks in a french accent, loves peanut butter sandwiches.
  99. Butterfly – A wiry thin goblin holding a warhammer engraved to leave a butterfly imprint in whatever it smashes. Wearing blue jean overalls and a straw hat, he’s also one of this summer’s hottest fashionistas.
  100. Rocblett Yingl-mit – Mohawk-ed, yellow splotchy skin and buck teeth. Six months old, armed with a bottle of superglue, and the stealthiest toddler you’ve never seen.
  101. Nogilee – A young goblin activist. Clever, diplomatic, charismatic she’s leading the greenskins rebellion. She has a devoted following that grows by the day.



Goblin Names

Nasty Boy




Dronor the Destroyer







Azbug the Filthy

Male Names: Avcı, Azıdis , Bana, Buyuk, Drek, Geko, Gemble, Gizlilik, Guc, Hancer, Jazz, Kan, Kurnaz, Ledak, Mildo, Mızrak, Nos, Ragnuk, Ruya, Tak, Xotz, Yigitlik, Yıldız, Zafer, Zorbin, Zust

Female Names: Asuk, Ayuh, Bahar, Bebek, Bizou, Buyu, Cicek, Civciv, Gercek, Gezgin, Gunduz, Huzur, Isık, Izzy, Kar, Kiraz, Kıs, Lenme, Menekse, Ota, Ruh, Ruzgar, Seftali, Sonbahar, Umut, Yaz, Zambak


Goblin One-shot



MM P165

"If you want soldiers or thugs, hire hobgoblins. If you want someone clubbed to death in their sleep, hire bugbears. If you want mean little fools, hire goblins."

—Stalman Klim, Slave Lord

Goblins are small, black-hearted, selfish humanoids that lair in caves, abandoned mines, despoiled dungeons, and other dismal settings. Individually weak, goblins gather in largesometimes overwhelming—numbers. They crave power and regularly abuse whatever authority they obtain.

Goblinoids. Goblins belong to a family of creatures called goblinoids. Their larger cousins, hobgoblins and bugbears, like to bully goblins into submission. Goblins are lazy and undisciplined, making them poor servants, laborers, and guards.

Malicious Glee. Motivated by greed and malice, goblins can’t help but celebrate the few times they have the upper hand. They dance, caper with sheer joy when victory is theirs. Once their revels have ended, goblins delight in the torment of other creatures and embrace all manner of wickedness.

Leaders and Followers. Goblins are ruled by the strongest or smartest among them. A goblin boss might command a single lair, while a goblin king or queen (who is nothing more than a glorified goblin boss) rules hundreds of goblins, spread out among multiple lairs to ensure the tribe’s survival. Goblin bosses are easily ousted, and many goblin tribes are taken over by hobgoblin warlords or bugbear chiefs.

Challenging Lairs. Goblins festoon their lairs with alarms designed to signal the arrival of intruders. Those lairs are also riddled with narrow tunnels and bolt-holes that human-sized creatures can’t navigate, but which goblins can crawl through with ease, allowing them to flee or to circle around and surprise their enemies.

Rat Keepers and Wolf Riders. Goblins have an affinity for rats and wolves, raising them to serve as companions and mounts, respectively. Like rats, goblins shun sunlight and sleep underground during the day. Like wolves, they are pack hunters, made bolder by their numbers. When they hunt from the backs of wolves, goblins use hit-and-run attacks.

Worshipers of Maglubiyet. Maglubiyet the Mighty One, the Lord of Depths and Darkness, is the greater god of goblinoids. Envisioned by most goblins as an eleven-foot-tall battle-scarred goblin with black skin and fire erupting from his eyes, he is worshiped not out of adoration but fear. Goblins believe that when they die in battle, their spirits join the ranks of Maglubiyets army on the plane of Acheron. This is a “privilege” that most goblins dread, fearing the Mighty One’s eternal tyranny even more than death.


# Goblin Ecology


>"It's no small wonder the whole of the world hasn't been destroyed, consumed, and shat out of a goblin's wretched ass."

>"Every once in a while when they aren't getting incinerated in lava, crushed under rock slides, or devoured by dragons, goblins experience moments of unmitigated glory in battle."

> "Finding themselves in a new and unexplored world, they immediately set it on fire."

> "Don't let them lead the soldiers, but by all means let them lead the way."

> "I like goblins. They make funny popping sounds when they die."

There are few things you could do that are worse than creating goblins. Goblins are dumb, excitable, cowardly, and dangerous beings with very little instinct for self preservation and no regard for any creature other than themselves. Not even other goblins. They are a gross overmeasure that is at best aimed at an enemy and at worse immediately brings ruin upon you in a myriad of painful and horrific ways. What you can do with the leftovers is limited only by your imagination and their predisposition for escaping and propagating uncontrollably.

Few blights upon the world have as many teeth, knives, and explosives.

## The Ritual and Purpose

The first to summon a batch of goblins up from...wherever they come from REALLY didn't do the world any favors. And the ones that have performed the ritual since are idiots. I mean, really. Who looks at a world now teeming with these little shits and thinks, "Naw, I want a fresh litter"?

Anyways, if you're looking to create your own special brand of terrorizing, cruel, lunatic saboteurs then have at it. You can find the dark knowledge needed to summon these elemental spirits of destruction to your location in any evil library or sunken temple to a black god of chaos. It'll usually be written in blood and the reagents and materials are quite cheap. Except that elven baby. That'll cost you for sure.

Once you finalize the casting with the initial demand (no guarantees, broh) your little monsters will be clawing their way out of that primeval soup carrying various fel implements of torture and murder. If you performed that extra step in the ritual they'll each hop out with a very sensitive grenade hung around their necks and clutched in their grimy claws. I recommend the upgrade, honestly. Those that don't blow themselves up will do a hells of a lot more damage to your target.

Within an hour they'll be full sized and ready to destroy your enemies. Or you. Or the world.

## Physiological Observations

How one desires a goblin to look upon creation is not always how they come together during the ritual. Nevertheless they often resemble best what they're designed to do: Cause mayhem and kill things. Such as it is they more often than not are small gnarled humanoids in form with comically large heads, long arms, short legs, sharp claws on all appendages, and blotchy skin in a wide range of hues between black and pale blue-white. Their teeth are tiny and pin-like and number in the hundreds. They are not especially muscular although some are created or come by a larger physique, but usually only alpha goblins known by a wide range of names which include such clever ones as "Big", "Fat", and "Boss". Their large eyes are alive with avarice and curiosity and their ears are very sensitive and range from tiny holes in the side of their noggins to large batlike attene on top (mostly) of their heads.

Second generation and newer true-bred goblins have muted colors that eventually fall somewhere between charcoal and pale green. They also might be larger or more lithe depending on what wretches made such fruitful pairings and what environment they now terrorize and quickly spoil.

## Social Observations

Society isn't a concept many goblins can grasp, and those who can choose not to. Goblins are herd animals monsters and follow the pack in all things. A lone goblin is either a problem, or a bigger problem, an alpha goblin. Both are rushed to be killed or beaten and if this assault fails then you know which kind of goblin you've got on your hands. Alphas are smarter (relative) and possess a modicum of the focus it takes to keep a pack of raving lunatics from blowing everyone up. And if all else fails, or really it doesn't matter, they have the muscle and the will to cave in every last skull that doesn't get with the program.

Male and female sexes are both created in the batches of little horrors that crawl out of the soup they're magically imbued with life in. It is unknown why both reproductive requirements would be created in a creature brought to life by magic. I can only guess that the cruel dark god or fiend that first shared the secret of this doom with a mortal mage purposefully lied about the "perfect soldiers" it would create and instead unleashed a chaotic nuisance upon the multiverse.

Regardless, soon after the completion (maybe) of the initial mission of their purposeful summoning to life the goblins will begin to procreate and fill whatever holes or ruins they can escape to with a horde of slathering craven duplicates. They will multiply and the land that hosts them will quickly deteriorate as they draw an ever growing intake of resources while polluting what's left with excrement and carrion. Eventually females will be regulated to breeders and matrons deep in protected warrens churning out an endless supply of little green monsters. The gestation for a goblin is quick, at around a month. And they can be natural born in litters of 2 to 20 depending on the age and strength of the foul mother. These "slugs" lack any ability to care for themselves so are looked over in large groups by a matron, a haggard beast of a goblin who has outlived her reproductive organs.

They care for these goblins until they are a few months old and can move and hunt for bugs on their own at which point they are thrown into what are little more than large holding pens to grow strong and "play" such games as "kill the weakling" and "What's this do?". Young goblin mortality is VERY high but this weeds out the inferior specimens.

## Behavioral Observations

After a year or so a goblin reaches adulthood and is a full fledged terror in its own right. It will steal, kill, or starve. It will amass a degree of avarice that rivals a dragon and a hatred of anything that isn't itself. It will exert dominance over anything weaker than it and kill anything it doesn't find useful or entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, nothing captures the gnat strength of their attention spans like fire and explosions. Any first generation goblins still alive will have been making explosives for some time now and these will be cherished armaments by all goblins that go out into the world. They will happily detonate these or themselves on any enemies they come across. Sometimes they will accidentally blow themselves up at inopportune times. Goblins are clumsy and stupid things and are prone to all manner of accidents. Now add in a crude and faulty grenade...

## Intra-Species Observations

Goblins make ideal lackeys and even better cannon fodder. Their nature also makes them easy to lure into alliances or slavery.

“Here’s an old boot. You like old boots, don’t you? Now you’re mine. Sweep this floor. Don’t steal anything and I’ll give you more boots! Idiot…”

This being the case most evil humanoids are eager to have a den of goblins on their side. They are mad, suicidal combatants and prone to accidents so there’s never a large number of them to feed or try to corral for too long once the war is on. And with those dens packed with brood-bearing factories your ranks will be replenished swiftly. This makes goblins highly sought after if your plans involve a high death rate, a nigh impossible attack vector, you need a prolonged distraction, general mayhem, or you literally want to fire them out of cannons of varying reliability.

Hobgoblins and bugbears, though of no actual direct relation to goblins are most often in control (they like to think) of some good number of these goblins and use them as scouts and slaves. Like a small dog there to wake the big dangerous dog in case of danger. Though in this example the chihuahua has a knife and a handful of other ankle-biters. Other humanoid races that can find the goblins useful and have the stomach to maintain a modicum of control are gnolls, orcs, and ogres. But a goblin will align itself when the going gets tough to ANY creature it views as dangerous or powerful enough.

Goblins for their part can actually prove competent and loyal servants. If you’re a dragon, or some other mind numbingly powerful entity who is a god in their minds. Anyone else who is “boss boss” probably has a timer running before some brighter than most goblin alpha thinks “stabbin ‘n grabbin” is a better plan for the den. Smart overseers will immediately identify alpha goblins and either elevate them to “king gob” and spend resources training and controlling them, or killing them outright. In the end you sacrifice a little order and coordination for a little bit more time to sow destruction.

Though goblins are very much nature over nurture, and their nurture just reinforces their nature mostly, sometimes you can come across a goblin that passes for something likeable and well-meaning. These are never the first generation of primordial chaos, but their spawn. If taken from birth and raised in a temple of well mannered and disciplined monks or what have you, the worst you’ll get is a green kid who sometimes eats a bird or breaks some clay pottery for fun. At best you’ll have a green kid who sometimes eats birds, breaks pottery, but does his chores. Goblins that survive and mature inside a warren of their own design rarely display any decent behaviour but some craven individuals develop quirks that allow them to live.

## DM’s Toolkit

Goblins are a staple of any D&D game as they are a low CR creature that can adapt and stay a threat probably up until mid range levels. They can be deployed alone or in groups of a handful to a hordeful with “jobs” varying from scouts, workers, and thieves to marauders, assasins, and shamans. I especially like goblins because I can flood a combat with them, give each a single hit point, and roll attacks in groups so the PCs are drowning in teeth and knives but there is often very little danger of a death to my adventurers and it doesn’t slow combat down as much because I treat them as swarms.

Goblins make great information droppers, trickster guides, and lying cheating assholes due to their nature to survive seemingly impossible situations and to screw over anyone they can. One moment the party’s prisoner goblin is leading them to an ancient underground temple that borders the goblin den, and the next the PCs find themselves IN the goblin warren in very grave danger. These goblins can also be tragic NPCs because even though your dwarf probably hates them with a passion, the human PLAYING the dwarf wants to believe there’s something within worth saving. And you can play that for and against the party pretty much whenever you want. These are flawed beings, meant for a single purpose and getting them to do anything else is a hassle.

In closing,

- They’re cheap.

- They’re easy.

- They remain dangerous.

Happy hunting. And stealing. And maiming. And overpopulating. And devouring. And...


Goblin Tactics

• Swarm the opponent.

• Will fortify locations minimally, only with stuff they can find like bramble bushes or pieces of wood.

• Throw stuff before melee.

• Smart boss might use the terrain to its advantage or some basic tactics like ambushes, surrounds and hit and run attacks.

• While riding on wolves they heavily favour hit and run attacks, attempting to drag of 1 or 2 combatants before running away.

• If losing: run away at the first sign of losing the fight,

• If winning: Gloat, party and scavenge the corpses or unconscious bodies (even before the fight is completely done).  



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