Mad's Flameskull

Mad's Flameskull

See Flameskull


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Found in Wave Echo Cave

Have it become operational again

Mad has to put the two pieces back together

Some of Mads knowledge has transferred from his spellbook into the skull:

The flameskull is now in the Underdark (maybe not!). It closed the rift that was letting demons in from an undisclosed area. 

It is carrying the finger ring.


Has made itself a body and fought it's way out of the underdark filled with demons.

On you notice one of its fingers has a ring on it, but the finger just ends at the ring.

Has had an epic quest. Now known as "Glorthax the Malevolent", and is being followed by a group of goblins, that do whatever he says.

Adam Lynam, [10/12/2016, 4:39 PM]: 

OK, I know 4 cantrips, Sacred Flame (ranged attack), Spare the Dying (touch to stabilise dying creature) and Thaumaturgy (boomy voice) which I started with at lvl 1. And more recently I got Light.

They are always automatically prepared

Then I have Cure Wounds (strong heal, Touch range) and Bless (3 ally add 1d4 to attack rolls) at lvl 1 granted by the cleric Life domain.

Lesser Restoration (minor status removal) and Spirit Weapon (summon book to attack move) at lvl 2. They come from Life domain too.

Then, at lvl 4, I had 8 choices of lvl 1 and 2 spells each day. My normal choices were:

Lvl 1: Detect Magic (detect magic nearby for 10 mins), Guiding Bolt (ranged attack), Healing Word (weak, ranged heal), Sanctuary (wis save required to attack protected target) and Shield of Faith (+2 AC to ally)

Lvl 2: Aid (+5 to max HP for 3 ally), Hold Person (paralyse humanoid) and Prayer of Healing (very strong healing for 6 creatures outside of combat)

Thats it.

I rarely swapped things out, main exception was Droop funeral.

When I took protection from evil, Gentle Repose etc.

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