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The frontier town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of a much older settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the old Phandalin was a thriving human town whose people were firmly allied with the dwarves and gnomes of the Phandelver's Pact. However, the same ore horde that sacked the mines at Wave Echo Cave laid waste to the settlement, and Phandalin was abandoned for centuries.

In the last three or four years, hardy settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. A bustling frontier settlement has grown up on the site of the old town, and is home now to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the foothills of the Sword Mountains. 

Unfortunately, more than a few bandits and brigands have settled here as well, taking advantage of the fact that the area has no local lord or authority to chase them off. A gang known as the Redbrands has controlled Phandalin for the past two months, extorting and bullying everyone in town. The gang is led by a mysterious figure known to the townsfolk as Glasstaff.

When the characters first arrive in Phandalin, read:

The rutted track emerges from a wooded hillside, and you catch your first glimpse of Phandalin. The town consists of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old fieldstone foundations. More old ruins-crumbling stone walls covered in ivy and briars-surround the newer houses and shops, showing how this must have been a much larger town in centuries past. Most of the newer buildings are set on the sides of the cart track, which widens into a muddy main

street of sorts as it climbs toward a ruined manor house on a hillside at the east side of town.

As you approach, you see children playing on the town green and townsfolk tending to chores or running errands at shops. Many people look up as you approach, but all return to their business as you go by.



Outpost Farm to the east

Finethir's House - 2 hours north-west of Phandalin

Wave Echo Cave to the east

Various homesteads and mines



- A stone wall is being built around Phandalin.

- Phandalin Battle


- There have been reports of Hill Giants attacking the homesteads around Phandalin.

- Two Hill Giants attacked Lionshield Coster. One was killed, and the other driven away.

Phandalin Election


Secrets and Rumours

- There is a Vonindod fragment, buried under, or nearby Phandalin.

- The green dragon Venomfang is protecting the Phandalin/Neverwinter area from many giant attacks. But not all.

- Rumours of a strange nosy wizard in the area asking lots of questions (Volo is visiting in and around Phandalin)

- There is a "Triboar Gear 'n' Stuff representative that is investigating starting a new branch

Milo dug up 3x graves to the west of the town. 5 graves look fresher than the others.They contain the bodies of a woman, and four men. The men have various wounds. The bodies are starting to stink.


Phandalin Map

In the northern foothills of the Sword Mountains lies the nondescript mining settlement of Phandalin. Although the village might not look like much, it provides a safe haven for adventurers eager to explore the surrounding wilderness, which is home to many old ruins and abandoned dwarven mines.


223 Inhabitants (Not including the neighbouring homesteads and mining camps)

The Watch

12 members

6 Day Watch

6 Night Watch

Level of expertise: Beginner

Daran Edermath is training the watch.

Town Supplies

The party gave the town supplies

3x shortswords given to Symas Monder (Doctor), Mirna


Tresendar Lodge


Stonehill Inn

In the center of town stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider, all of them eyeing you with curiosity.

Can play Truncheons and Flagons

This modest inn has six rooms for rent. If the characters decide to stay here, see "Food, Drink, and Lodging" in the rulebook for pricing.

The proprietor is a short, friendly young human male named Toblen Stonehill. Toblen is a native of the town of Triboar to the east. He came to Phandalin to prospect, but soon realized that he knew a lot more about running an inn than he did about mining. The new town offered a good opportunity to become established.


Barthen's Provisions

Barthen's is the biggest trading post in Phandalin. Its shelves stock most ordinary goods and supplies, including backpacks, bedrolls, rope, and rations. The place is open from sunup to sundown. Barthen's does not stock weapons or armor, but characters can purchase other adventuring gear here, with the exception of items that cost more than 25 gp. (For prices, see "Adventuring Gear" in the rulebook.) Characters in need of weapons or armor are directed to the Lionshield Coster.

The proprietor is Elmar Barthen, a lean and balding human male shopkeeper of fifty years with a kindly manner. He employs a couple young clerks (Ander and Thistle) who help load and unload wagons, and who wait on customers when Barthen isn't around.

Lionshild Coster

Hanging above the front door of this modest trading post is a sign shaped like a wooden shield with a blue lion painted on it.

This building is owned by the Lionshields, a merchant company based in the city ofYartar, over a hundred miles to the east. They ship finished goods to Phandalin and other small settlements throughout the region, but this outpost has been hard hit by banditry.

The master of the Phandalin post is a sharp-tongued human woman of thirty-five named Linene Graywind. She knows that bandits have raided Lionshield caravans, but she doesn't know who is responsible.

In a back room, Linene keeps a supply of armor and weapons, all of which are for sale to interested buyers. (For prices, see "Adventuring Gear" in the rulebook.) Linene has a few scruples, however, and won't sell weapons to anyone she thinks might be a threat to the town. 

Phandalin Miner's Exchange

The Miner's Exchange is a trading post where local miners have their valuable finds weighed, measured, and paid out. In the absence of any local lord or authority, the exchange also serves as an unofficial records office, registering claims to various streams and excavations around the area. There isn't any real gold rush in Phandalin, but enough wealth is hidden in the nearby streams and valleys to support a good number of independent prospectors. 

The exchange is a great place to meet people who spend a lot of time out and about in the countryside surrounding Phandalin. The guildmaster is an ambitious and calculating human woman named Halia Thornton.

In her attempts to establish the Miner's Exchange as the closest thing the town has to a governing authority, she acts as more than a simple merchant. 

Sleeping Giant Taphouse

Dodgy taphouse, mostly frequented by miners, including Orolf, leader of the miner's union.


Alderleaf Farm

Seraphine's Owlbear is staying here with Qelline Alderleaf

Espen cast Plant Growth on Qelline's Farm


Finethir's House

2 hours north-west of Phandalin

Finethir Shinebright

Elven Transmutation Master


# NPCs

Sildar Hallwinter - Member of the Lords' Alliance, helping Milo with running the village. Has a boyfriend in Neverwinter.

Eva Whitehowler 

Daran Edermath - Retired adventurer, house burnt down. Member of the Order of the Gauntlet. Has a small daughter called Rosie.

Halia Thornton  - Runs the miner’s exchange.

Nundro Rockseeker - Brother of Gundren Rockseeker, and Tharden, both dead.

Symas Monder - Doctor

Frankom Stonebold (Builder, built the lodge)

Nom Ashguard - Miner, possible father to Leela's Baby

Orolf, swarthy dwarf leader of the miner's union.

Qelline Alderleaf - Halfling farmer

Toblen Stonehill - Innkeeper and owner of Stonehill Inn

Finethir Shinebright - Polymorphism expert

Elmar Barthen - Owner of Barthen's Provisions

Linene Graywind - 

Sister Garaele - Elf cleric of Tymora and Harper agent.

Narth - An old farmer

Elsa - A gossipy barmaid who works at Stonehill Inn

Lanar - A miner. Frequents Stonehill Inn

Trilena Stonehill - Toblen's wife

Pip - Toblen Stonehill's young son

Carp - Qelline Alderleaf's young son

Freda - Weaver. Frequents Stonehill Inn

Ander - Works at Barthen's Provisions as a clerk

Thistle - Works at Barthen's Provisions as a clerk

Possibly in Phandalin

Andry (Halfling bard, was a member of the Goldenboots)

Jastra (Female human barbarian, was a member of the Goldenboots)

Chi (Monk)

Seraphine's Owlbear

Not in Phandalin

Leela's Baby


Kirdras Fogbranch, possible father to Leela's baby

Harbin Wester, previous townmaster

# Nearby

Mount Hotenow


Neverwinter Wood

Old Owl Well

Orc Camp at Wyvern Tor




Wave Echo Cave

Icespire Peak


The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier P36

Phandalin was an important farming center located northeast of Leilon, where the Triboar Cutoff East fades into a trail. The road was abandoned after years of orc attacks obliterated every caravan that passed down the road, conquering Phandalin in the process. When the orcs were driven out, the village was left largely in ruins, and it remains so today.

Under the leadership of a chieftain called Uruth, the orcs expanded steadily, building a realm called Uruth Ukrypt (Home of Uruth). Its name echoes today in Kryptgarden Forest. Too lazy to support themselves by farming, the orcs devastated the game in their realm and subsequently took to raiding human holdings for food. Some 400 years have passed since then, during which time concerted human attacks decimated the orc kingdom and nearly drove the creatures from the area entirely.

No one lives here now but monsters, though passing hunters and rangers often camp in one of the more secure buildings. It still has three usable deep wells, one of which is considered to be heavily tainted with an undetectable poison that kills the imbiber three days after ingestion. Orcs and half orcs are supposedly immune to the toxin.

The orc attacks forced gnomes and dwarves to abandon a mountain delve near Phandalin where they mined mithral in a union they called the Phandelver’'s Pact. This lost lode was called Wave echo Cave because the roll of waves beating on the shore could be heard in the natural cavern. Shortly before the mine was abandoned, a lode of platinum was discovered. The size is unknown, but a very old dwarf who worked the mine remembers that the vein “"held great promise".”

Phandalin is the best preserved of the many ruined keeps and villages scattered along the Sword Coast, most of which are little more than heaped stones, graves, and cellars hidden by reed grasses and creeping vines. Many of these areas shelter predatory beasts or passing adventurers.

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