Chi meets up with the party to deliver some news

Lodge finished. U owe me money.

"Milo says you owe him money"

Players play characters from Phandalin

Other DMs

Droop's Fiance

Tresendar Lodge

Seraphine's Owlbear

Leela's Baby

The Goldenboots (Rival Adventurers)

Hamun Kost

Portal Rings

Mad's Flameskull

Milo & the Zhents

Phandalin Election

Bowgentle’s Spellbook

Building Phandalin Tresendar Lodge

Firefly Quest

Alton the Minstrel

Visiting Noble (Luz Hari Margaster)

The Doctor and Harbin Wester's body.

The Green Dragon in Thundertree


Blackest Night

Nezznar the Black Spider

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