Secrets & Rumours

Harshnag has secrets

Secret missions from factions


[Told] The Giant King was captured by the Lords' Alliance. (False) 

- Leilon is destroyed (fallen to Frost Giants)

- A green dragon has been seen chasing giants off south of Neverwinter.


- Nightstone has fallen

- Goldenfields being severely harassed by Hill Giants

- Calling Horns has been overrun

- Luskan has been attacked by frost giants

Some rumblings from the secret societies:

- The Unseen 

- The Kraken Society

- Secrets about Giant runes

- Harshnag talking about the Wyrmskull throne


Hey all, I had an idea that I think might be cool: 

You can come up with rumours - 

It could be something tied to the giant theme like: Stone giants have killed a dragon nearby, and everyone is rushing to claim its hoard.

It could be something to do with your character.

It could be something serious or wacky.

It could be something totally unrelated.

These rumours could turn out to be half-truths or false, but I can tie them in to the story - you'll be able to hear them from NPCs etc.

What do you think?

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