Seraphine's Lycanthropy

Seraphine's Lycanthropy

Can go to a temple for dwarven gods (Sharindlar). The clerics there suggest they "take her out the back and hit her on the head with a nice big hammer"

Need to perform a special ceremony.

Druid grove east of Mirabar.

Leader: Brockett, Male Half-Orc Druid.

Huge, but gentle and finesse hands

It's a special form of Lycanthropy that is unique to Druids.

Friends can take the form of a beast, and enter "a special layer of the mind" of the affected person.

The disease will usually manifest itself in the form of a creature. Need to stop the creature


Palm-sized rounded stones with druidic markings carved into them. The markings each represent a different beast. The markings look like those on the body of the old dead man who bit Seraphine.

Friends can take the form of a beast, and enter the mind of the affected person.

Eat mushrooms. Mild hallucinogenic.

Paint markings over their bodies





Dire Wolf

Giant Eagle

Giant Spider

Giant Toad

Giant Vulture

Seraphine has to make intermittent saving throws to keep the structure of her mind intect.



Weretiger stats


The earth is crumbling away underneath everyone.

There is a den of wolves that represents Seraphine's mental health.

The wolves are fighting off a monstrous deformed creature.


Seraphine vomits out a black substance, and is cured!

Failure: Seraphine suffers another level of exhaustion.

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