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Arcane Shop

Ye Magick Shoppe for 5E made interesting but not game-breaking.

Funny Shop Names

Credit where it’s due: a handful of these are from other posts I’ve seen on this sub. Most are the result of spending way too much time thinking about business name puns at work.


Weapon Stores

Brawler General

Bloodbath and Beyond

Maul Mart


Daring Queen


Gordon Feud Service

Sam’s Clubs


Slay Mart


Armorers and Tailors

Star’s Buckles

Crusader Joe’s

Valor City

Brass Pro Shop

Old Bravery

Shield Carnival

Yankee’s Sandals

Vest Buy

Victorious Secret

Cautious Depot




Best Bow


Aim Stop


General Stores

Gnome Depot

Little Caesar’s

Good Will’s

Gnome Goods


Alchemists/Herbalists/Magic Goods



Olive’s Garden

The North Vase

Herbs ‘n Outfitters

Jar Max

Djinni John’s



Circlet City

Ruby Lobby

Opal House

Tuesday’s Rubies

Plato’s Garnet

Long John’s Silver

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