Sword Coast Map Legend

Sword Coast Map Legend (SCML)

  1. Sea of Moving Ice
    1. A sea of icebergs and frozen islands. The constant shift of the ice makes it impossible to chart and deadly for all but the most skilled sailors. There are ships from every age here, locked permanently within the ice, filled with who knows what. The lairs of ice trolls and white dragons may be found somewhere in this chaos.
  2. Ironmaster
    1. Ironmaster is built into spires and cave walls, connected by narrow bridges and cliff-side walkways, above a mighty frigid underground river. The dwarves of Ironmaster are supremely unwelcoming, attacking on sight any who go past the markers that define their territory. The unending tunnels of Ironmaster have reached those of the duergar and brought underground war. Ironmasters mines are rich with adamantium and the smiths there know how to bring silvered and adamantine metalwork into a single potent weapon.
  3. Icewind Dale
    1. A frozen tundra filled with scattered communities and outlanders running from something in the south.
  4. Ten Towns
    1. A community of villages clustered around 3 lakes which sit beneath Kelvin’s Cairn. The settlements are based around the native knucklehead trout, which both feeds the frontiersmen and provides its uniquely hard, ivory-like bones. The bones are used in the scrimshaw which is traded across the Sword Coast and beyond and are made into extremely sturdy tools such as fish hooks, arrowheads, needles, and more. The towns carefully divide the water and cultivate the lakes to keep the trout population thriving. Bryn Shander is the largest of the towns, protected by wooden pallisades, and the place where travelers come to trade. 
  5. Kelvin’s Cairn
    1. A great mount with a deep crack running all the way down its south face. A tiny community of dwarves still work mines in the mountain. 
  6. Raven Rock
    1. A mound of stones built to honor the ancestors of the Black Raven tribe of the Uthgardt barbarians. Located at the headwaters of the Black Raven River.
  7. Reghed Glacier
    1. Home of the Reghed barbarian tribes. They live in rings of hide tents, designed to be quickly broken down and set up to follow the reindeer herds. They are largely friendly with the people of Ten-Towns and Icewind Dale, sometimes using their martial skill to keep them safe in exchange for payment or barter. 
  8. The Spine of the World
    1. A mountain range stretching from the Sea of Swords to the High Ice. The tallest mountains reach more than 20,000 ft high, and nearly all of them are perpetually covered in snow. The only established route through the range leads to Icewind Dale. The mountains are filled with enough dangerous creatures that even the foothills are only sparsely populated by barbarian tribes.
  9. The Endless Ice Sea
    1. An enormous glacier north of the Spine of the World.
  10. Kingdom of Many Arrows
    1. An orc kingdom in the north. King Obould saw the kingdom establish peace and be officially recognized by other realms of the Sword Coast. However the orcs remain easy to incite to war. The king’s seat is Dark Arrow Keep, a fortress filled with twisting passageways that make it easy to defend. The Pit is where accused traitors and criminals were judged and if found guilty executed. Dark Arrow Keep is also the trading and industrial center of the kingdom.
  11. Beorunna's Well
    1. A large settlement of the Black Lion tribe of the Uthgardt. It is built around a bottomless pit that leads down to the Underdark. The town is surrounded by a stockade, and merchants may make the dangerous journey to trade with the tribe for furs or resources the tribe wins from their expeditions to the Underdark.
  12. Cold Wood
    1. A dense forest whose wildness has prevented any settlements. The Uthgardt who hunt within it will not cut any living tree or start any fire within it out of superstition. It is said to be roamed by a bebilith, a massive spider demon, among other more common monsters.
  13. Ice Spires
    1. A range of mountains. The fire giant stronghold and forge of Ironslag is located under one of the mountains and some dwarves claim to know where. The surface of the mountains are inhabited by yak-folk.
  14. Castle Hartwick
    1. The stronghold of Hartsvale, built on a great island between a split of the Clear Whirl River. Most who come to trade come to the castle.
  15. Hartsvale
    1. A fertile mountain valley where human tribesmen and giants live in peace. A crystal clear and ice cold river flows through it and one end of the valley leads directly onto the High Ice. It is still a wild place where most inhabitants live in a tribal community. The legend of the vale is that Hartkiller, a giant, united humans and enslaved giants to overthrow the cruel ruling giants and establish a peaceful haven. The humans live in the center of the valley and the giants on the edges and the mountain slopes, with titanic cairns marking the boundary and thus helping keep the peace. Earls lead each small human encampment within the valley and House Hartwick rules the tribe. Members of House Hartwick all stand over 7 feet tall, supporting their claim that they descend from giant blood. Merchants and other who would visit Hartsvale must contend with treacherous mountain passes and dangerous monster, including exceptionally large and organized packs of ogres.
  16. Fireshear
    1. A mining community on a frozen plain north of Luskan. The buildings are made of stone and ice. The town sits at the top of a cliff, with ramps leading down to its harbor. From late fall to early summer the bay freezes over, a time the locals call “lock-in”. The town gets its name the great scorched rift where the copper and silver mines begin. The town is lead by the heads of the 3 merchant houses who operate there, and who freely accept bribes.
  17. Luskan
    1. Luskan spans the icy River Mirar as it tumbles from the Spine of the World and plunges towards. Luskan sits divided on a sheer 40 foot bluff on either side of the water. The city is surrounded by a thick wall of gray stone dotted with low towers. The city is ruled and protected by the five Ships, each representing an armada and the sailors, pirates, and shore workers who operate it. The members of each Ship are fiercely loyal to their brethren and each Ship is loyal to Luskan. Each Ship elects a High Captain who leads for life. To be a member of a Ship is voluntary, but joining is considered a great honor and membership is for life. Each Ship is represented by its own symbol, colors, and tattoos. The Ships, in order of the size of their fleet and crew, and thus preeminence, are Kurth, Baram, Suljack, Taerl, and Rethnor. The Ships are responsible for the defense and administration of Luskan. Currently Kurth controls and profits from the docks of Luskan, Baram the fishing, Suljack the most valuable and important raiding, Taerl the less lucrative piracy opportunities, and Rethnor the relatively poor and inglorious work of guard duty. Luskan has adapted to working with its land based neighbors though. They do not kidnap or practice slavery and accused criminals are brought before 5 magistrates, one chosen by each of the Ships. With no official taxation the funding for the defense of the city is the responsibility of the Ships. They make their money trading weapons and tools from Ironmaster and ambergris from the sea, piracy, fishing, and protection money from residents of the city. Bribery is common in Luskan. Luskan controls both its own bridges and the Blackford Crossing allowing them to charge tolls for all goods traveling to or from the north. The north bank of the city is the home of most warehouses, marketplaces, workshops, and caravansaries. The south bank holds small businesses and residences of both the rich and the poor. 5 islands sit in the mouth of the river, helping enclose the citys harbors and holding fortifications defending against attack from the sea. Only members of Ships may use the Harbor Cross, the final bridge connecting the north and south banks. The Arcane Brotherhood is a league of powerful wizards based in the Hosttower of the Arcane, located on one of the islands in the mouth of the river. They are led by an archmage and 4 overwizards. Although they have sworn not to interfere in the politics of the city their goals are unknown.
  18. Blackford Crossing
    1. A place to cross the River Mirar on cable-drawn ferries. It is controlled by Luskan.
  19. Mirabar
    1. A human city built atop a system of dwarven caverns. The city is a mix of races throughout transitioning from mostly human to mostly dwarven as you go down. Almost all residents worship the dwarven god Moradin, giving all races in the city a dwarven spirit. Mirabar maintains fortified harbors on many islands in the Sea of Swords. Mirabars place as the armory of the North is being challenged by Mithral Hall and Gauntlgrym. Mierren dwarves embrace the other races of the city, causing them to often be diplomats between dwarves and non-dwarves. Mierrens of all races love art and culture. 
  20. Great Worm Cavern
    1. A monument to the ancestors of the Great Worm tribe of the Uthgardt. Beyond it lies a vast series of caves and according to legend there a mighty altar to a giant winged snake somewhere in their depths.
  21. The Lurkwood
    1. A forest known to be filled with bottomless bogs and quicksand. Only the edges are logged by civilized human settlements. The depths of the forest are roamed by ettins and giants, but several Uthgardt tribes live there as well, including one composed mostly of lycanthropes.
  22. Mithral Hall
    1. A mine founded on a grand vein of mithral. Its great King Bruenor slew the shadow dragon that was unleashed there and made peace with the orcs before abdicating to retake Gauntlgrym. It is defended in part by the Gutbuster Brigade, the greatest host of battlerager barbarians. Guests are allowed in but housed within a labyrinth of chambers called The Maze.
  23. Settlestone
    1. A village above Mithral Hall settled by barbarians of the north in alliance with the dwarves. The ancient dwarven buildings are made of massive slabs of stone and are now interspersed with the tents of additional residents. In the center is Hengorot, a great mead hall that can hold up to 400 barbarians and guests. The barbarians handle the trading of dwarven goods. The road to Settlestone is rigged with rock falls, collapsing bridges, and rivers with can be released to wash it away, all of which can be triggered by defenders in case of an attack.
  24. One Stone
    1. A massive engraved boulder honoring the ancestors of Golden Eagle and Sky Pony tribes of the Uthgardt. According to legend the boulder was placed there by a god to seal a portal to the Nine Hells. Some say the evil sealed within caused the demise of the tribes that worshiped there.
  25. Menzoberranzan
    1. A mammoth cavern that holds a great city of the drow. Their buildings are carved into the sides of the stalactites and stalagmites and gently lit with magic or bioluminescent fungi. The nobles live in the largest spires, with House Baenre and its Matron Mother ruling in Lolth’s name. All surface dwellers they can capture serve as slaves within the city, control with fear and torture. On a plateau above the cavern floor is the Tier Breche academy, where drow priestess, mages, and warriors are trained. 
  26. Citadel Felbarr
    1. Felbarr is an acient dwarf stronghold that was recently retaken. Outsiders can see only a winding road leading between the barbicans Hammer and Anvil and into the Runegate. 
  27. Citadel Adbar
    1. The seat of the dwarven Northkingdom. From the surface it is a mountain, enhanced a mighty chimney flanked by two spiked towers and surrounded by many more lesser battlements. Adbar has never been conquered. In recent years the cost to defend it has been great though. Within the endless mines beneath the citadel there are many traps and natural hazards for the unguided. The citys Great Wheel, a colossal water wheel, provides power throughout the mines and foundries. The Hall of Moradin’s Forge, his high temple is within Adbar. Adbar is highly suspicious of visitors, and they must prove their worth to be allowed through the giant Caravan Door.
  28. The High Ice
    1. A vast glacier expanded beyond its natural extent by ancient magic. It is inhabited by a wide variety of creatures and monsters adapted to the cold, many completely unique to the High Ice. Any organized attempts to settle the glacier have failed, even those made by frost giants. Somewhere within the ice are the Smokeholes, a region of volcanic vents and hot springs. Legend has it that the northernmost part of the High Ice is a titanic white pudding, miles across, that simply waits for prey to fall into it and be consumed.
  29. Mount Hotenow
    1. A volcano which heats the river that runs through Neverwinter
  30. Gauntlgrym
    1. When the dwarves reached the furthest depths of Gauntlgrym they discovered a great being of flame and bound it to the eternal Great Forge. It was lost until the ghosts of its ancient dwarves called to the living and they mounted an expedition to retake it from the drow and other abominations which had infested it. Behind great mithral doors lies the Iron Tabernacle, a temple honoring all the gods of the dwarves. Every part of the city has a road which leads back to this place. The deep and otherworldly Great Forge allows smiths to create wonders of magic and exotic metals.
  31. Morgur's Mound
    1. A monument to the ancestors of the Thunderbeast tribe of the Uthgardt. It is said to be the burial mound of Morgur, Uthgars mortal brother. The mound is marked by the massive skeleton of a dinosaur, or thunderbeast. The Thunderbeast tribe claim to be able to animate the skeleton when the tribe is in grave danger. 
  32. Longsaddle
    1. A row of buildings on either side of the road. This small town serves as the center for a spread out ranching community. It was founded by the Harpell family centuries ago who still reside in the Ivy Mansion, well outside the town. The Harpells are a family made entirely of wizards who live together in their grand house, performing magical experiments and teaching apprentices. The house is known for producing all sorts of strange magical effects, caused by the cheerful Harpell family. Whatever internal disagreements they may have, the Harpells protect each other and the town. 
  33. The Evermoors
    1. A number or rocky plateaus surrounded by a deep bog. The poor terrain discouraged any attempts to settle the land by civilized races but they often buried honored dead there in deep pits carved into the rock and covered with a heavy slab of stone. A recent settlement of giants on the moor has pushed many of the native trolls out into the surrounding settled lands.
  34. Silverymoon
    1. A great and peaceful city. The buildings are mostly built into the living trees. Buildings made of other material are still elegantly designed and grown over with living plants. The city has schools of music, magic, and bardic lore, libraries, and great temples. Silverymoon is a place to find all sorts of obscure knowledge. The great silvery Moonbridge spans the nearby river. The High Palace in the east of the city is a beautiful fortress with crenelations in the shape of unicorn heads. Silverymoon was long led by a high mage but recently handed leadership to the High Marshal, with the high mage serving as the chief diplomat and representative to the Lord’s Alliance. It is defended by the Knights in Silver and the Spellguard. The citys mythal, ancient magic tied to the land, prevents spells that conjure fire, summon creatures, or teleport and allows the Moonbridge to be temporarily dispelled. Silverymoon is a safe haven for the Harpers. 
  35. Sundabar
    1. Sundabar was dwarven settlement atop which a human city was built. The settlement originally grew around the Everfire, a mystic source of endless heat. It was led by the Forgemaster, the dwarf with the greatest skill in working the Everfire. One Forgemaster allowed human refugees to settle above the city and for a time the humans and dwarves grew prosperous together. The city fell to an orc horde and a handful of survivors escaped only by barricading themselves within the dwarven mines. In time the orcs were driven off but the human settlement never returned, leaving only a diminished dwarven remnant. They blame the Lord’s Alliance, which sent no aid, and Silverymoon whose aid was too little to late. 
  36. Stone Stand
    1. A holy site of the Treeghost tribe of the Uthgardt. It is a large oak tree, grown from a cutting from the Grandfather Tree, surrounded by a stone circle. The site is guarded by the ghosts of fierce warriors of the tribe. 
  37. Nether Mountains
    1. A range of black stone mountains. The Moon Pass through the mountains is controlled by several allied orc tribes. A clan of blue dragons lives on one of the highest peaks, served and worshiped by a large battalion of hobgoblins. Their mountaintop citadel, called the Doomspire, is carved from the rock itself.
  38. Arn Forest
    1. A pine forest dotted with swamps. There is a hidden settlement of rock gnomes somewhere within. There are a number of overgrown ruins to be found in the forest, now occupied by bands of kobolds.
  39. Ascore
    1. A deserted dwarven city that was once a port on a now dry sea. The ruins of this once rich city now lie half buried in sand. Rumors hold that the place is ruled by a coven of hags and their undead legion and also that the city is the lair of an ancient blue dragon. The road that leads to Ascore from the west is flanked by a pair of massive griffon statues before the  road descends into the earth. The docks and ships carved entirely of stone now lie still on the eastern edge of the city. Thirteen strange red stone pyramids stand in a circle in the center of Ascore and seem to be a focus for the casting of epic spells or for summoning beings of immense power. The depths of Ascore allow passage to the Underdark.
  40. Neverwinter
    1. A large city on the rise. A decade ago the city was devastated by the explosion of Mount Hotenow and orc attacks Lord Protector Dagult Neverember has returned the city to prosperity. Forces from this plane and others still make moves to gain control of a city in flux. The city is once again the home of the faith of Tyr, god of justice. The House of Knowledge, the center of the faith of Oghma, is also in Neverwinter. The city is protected by an uneasy alliance of mercenaries from Mintarn and local militias. A large portion of the city still sits empty, and anyone who wants can plunder stone from the ruins of claim a portion of land for themselves. 
  41. Helm's Hold
    1. A stronghold of the followers of Helm, known as the Order of the Gilded Eye. This organization is dedicated to discovering evil threatening the material world from other planes of existence and stopping it before it can gain strength. They employ both covert and direct means to fight this fight. Helm’s Hold still has a reputation for being a truly safe place for travelers to take shelter. There is a large marketplace in the town and an inn where storytelling is the main attraction. Dominating the city is the Cathedral of Helm, a fortified temple. It has a hospital and an orphanage, and can shelter a large number of people and defend itself in case of an attack. The city is ruled by the Holy Watcher of Helm, who is advised by 9 laypeople called the Speakers. The city is occasionally threatened by monsters from the wild Neverwinter Woods and it is rumored that the Holy Watcher has had vision of an unspeakable horror rising from the deepest catacombs beneath the hold.
  42. Neverwinter Wood
    1. A forest with a strong connection to the fey. It is protected by the Ring of Swords, a druid circle, who work to drive out hobgoblins, bugbears, gnolls, and evil fey and protect ancient sites from treasure hunters.
  43. Triboar
    1. A town on the Long Road. Horses, ponies, wagons, and guides can be acquired here. It was once attacked by an astral ship of the gith, claiming an elder brain lived beneath the town. 
  44. Yartar
    1. A fortified town that sits within the fork where two rivers meet. It is known for its barge building and its great fairs. Each summer there is an enormous Hiring Fair where those desperate for work or too suspicious to be trusted with any other job gather to find work as guards, miners, guides, or other dangerous and expendable positions. During this event Yartar is overrun and becomes a temporary haven for crime, scheming, and business, legitimate or not. In years of the Shieldmeet the town instead holds a great festival led by the Happy Hall of Fortuitous Happenstance, the high temple of Tymora, goddess of luck. The festival involves games and contests of all sorts and occasionally the goddess uses the festival to summon those who have been chosen for some special destiny. All heroes who begin at festival in Yartar are called part of the Smiling Company. Yartar relies on fishing to feed itself. The intense rivalries within the town prevent it from rising to prominence. The town is defended by the Shield of Yartar and the Shield Tower, which sits across a fortified bridge on the other side of the river. The Waterbaron’s Barge is the towns most impressive weapon, a massive vessel with deadly crossbow artillery, capable of carrying and then unleashing an amphibious cavalry charge. 
  45. Flint Rock
    1. An ancestral mound of the Elk tribe of the Uthgardt.
  46. Grandfather Tree
    1. A titanic oak tree which is the holy site of Uthgardt tribe of Treeghost. It is surrounded by 4 other massive oaks which form the boundary of the holy site. Within the site healing magic is strengthened, teleportation is unreliable, and caverns beneath the tree lead deep underground, supposedly to magic portals.
  47. The High Forest
    1. A vast and ancient forest. Populated sparsely by nomadic elven tribes. It was once the home of several mighty elven nations. A wood elf known as the Red Lady seeks to reunite the scattered tribes. Fey creatures of all sorts populate the forest. 
  48. Hellgate Dell
    1. A mishapen hill now covered in moss and climbing plants. The hill is the remains of Hellgate Keep, which was destroyed to defeat the hordes of demons that had been summoned there and conquered the city. It is now guarded by the treant Turlang and his allies to defend against any lingering evil.
  49. The Far Forest
    1. A forest broken up by small lakes. In the heart of the forest there are many strange creatures which appear to be the result of magical experiments.
  50. The Frozen Sea
    1. A vast, hard desert of frigid sand. The scouring wind has left mazes of sandstone caverns and strange smooth outcroppings.
  51. Turnback Mountains
    1. Unknown
  52. The Frozen Forest
    1. Unknown
  53. Mere of Dead Men
    1. A saltwater swamp that clings to the western edge of the High Road between Neverwinter and Waterdeep. The mere and the road are believed to be bound together by ancient magic. The swamp covers the site of a great battleground between orcs and the southern humanoids. It is treacherous but can be navigated by shallow boats. The mere is full of mangroves, vines, and islands shrouded by fog. The flooded ruins of castles within the swamp are heavy with strange magic wards that strengthen certain magics and weaken others. The lich responsible for the creation of the swampland is rumored to still be there, as are a pair of black dragons and many other monstrosities. 
  54. Sword Mountains
    1. A mountain range controlled by several united bands of orcs.
  55. Star Mounts
    1. A mountain range within the High Forest. Its peaks are surrounded by constant high winds and only the native aarakocra knowing how to navigate in and out of the range. Enormous crystals visible from miles away line the mountainsides. The mountains are the source of several rivers, which flow down in misty, layered waterfalls.
  56. Unicorn Run
    1. A trail leading along a river which leads up to wooded plateaus within the High Forest. A large tribe of centaurs lives on these heights and there are rumors of pegasi and unicorns as wells.
  57. Karse
    1. The ruins of a city built at the base of a tall butte of red stone. In the center of the city is the Black Glade, a ring of thirteen massive evil-looking oak trees with an arcane connection to Ascore. A thousand year old lich may still occupy the ruins.
  58. The Tortured Land
    1. A twisted, odd land shaped by smooth lava flows and then carved long ago by glaciers. Giant stone pillars jut above the ground, smoothed by centuries of wind. The city of Frozen Flindyke is the capital of a civilization of gnolls that inhabit the area.
  59. Thornhold
    1. The enclave of the Stoneshaft Clan, who conquered it after being nearly wiped out. The dwarves within listen eagerly to the news and rumours of nearby Waterdeep. The fortress above ground it utterly pragmatic, an unadorned squat stone keep. Certain humans covet the location, worrying the dwarves. The residents of Thornhold are best known for their delicat metal and gem work. They desire to share in the commerce of Waterdeep without being tricked out of their ancestral home. Stoneshafts follow the fashion and culture of Waterdeep, make plate armor that conceal’s the wearer’s identity and protects them even when knocked down, and like spicy food.
  60. Sword Mountains
    1. See 54
  61. Amphail
    1. Country resort for nobles of the Sword Coast. Part of the Lord’s Alliance. Nobles scheming and black sheep of the family. Home of horse breeding. 
  62. Greypeak Mountains
    1. A mountain range on the western edge of the Anauroch desert and the origin of several rivers. The mountains are mostly inhabited by a large tribe of stone giants who keep to themselves, but is also known to hide the stronghold of a beholder and is roamed by many young dragons.
  63. The Plain of Standing Stones
    1. A desert plain that slowly rises to an enormous plateau. The terrain is gravely and filled with large jagged rocks. The ravines here are often hideouts for bands of humanoid and monstrous outlaws. The magical crystal chardalyn can be found here. Each shard of chardalyn allows a single spell to be cast into it and then released when the crystal is broken.
  64. White Peaks
    1. A mountain range in east Faerun. The mountains are dominated by large tribes of frost and stone giants. Hippogriffs and giant-sized mammals also live there. Somewhere hidden in the range is a forest gnome city called Forharn. This city has a pathway to the ethereal plane and beyond called the Trail of Mists.
  65. Vercy Wood
    1. Unknown
  66. Waterdeep
    1. The greatest metropolis on the Sword Coast. It rises from its might harbor onto the sides of an enormous mountain. The rarest goods can be found here and there is always work to be had. It is an extremely wealthy city protected by a city watch, army, navy, and Griffon Cavalry. The city is ruled by the Masked Lords whose identities are obscured by masks, robes, and magic amulets when they are sitting in council or speaking in public. Their policies are executed by the one Open Lord of Waterdeep. No one is sure which prominent citizens sit on the council at any time. Beneath the Masked Lords a great many noble families and merchants maneuver for wealth and power.
  67. Daggerford
    1. A small pastoral community built into a hill side ruled by Lady Morwen. A Council of Guilds also meets imitating the Lords of Waterdeep by wearing robes and masks. However they have little power and it is easy to determine who each member is. The Sword Coast Trader’s Bank allows merchants to deposit and retrieve money in Daggerford, Waterdeep, or Baldur’s Gate via supposedly impenetrable magic. 
  68. Misty Forest
    1. A forest covered in the fog rolling off the High Moor just to the east. Melandrach rules the elves within the woods, and they zealously punish anyone who hunts their game or uses living plants to start a fire.
  69. Secomber
    1. A small river town just north of the High Moor. A quiet place filled with hunters and fishermen. Skilled guides who know the moor can be found here. A small clan of dwarves operates a pink granite quarry on the northern face of the moor.
  70. Southwood
    1. A forest inhabited by a large tribe of goblins.
  71. The Ride
    1. An open steppe land inhabited by mounted barbarians. The scattered tribes are known as the Eraka and speak their own language not found outside the Ride. Although the tribes are prone to infighting they band together and become a deadly force when their home is threatened by organized outsiders. There are lucrative mines on the northern edge of the mine if you can defend against the frequent tribal raids.
  72. The High Moor
    1. A raised expanse of wilderness. Miles and miles of rocky terrain, covered with heath and lichen, and filled with outcroppings and hidden gullies. Ages ago it was a forest now destroyed by ancient magic. It is now populated by herds of grazing animals, and wolves, goblinoids, and trolls which prey on them and each other. An ancient city carved of smooth, dark stone called Rhymanthiin is rumored to appear on the High Moor to those with noble hearts, concealed to all others by magic or artifice. None living have ever seen it, so such stories seem like pure wishful thinking.
  73. Orogoth
    1. A ruined estate of a once great noble family within the High Moor. Legend says they attempted to bind dragons to their service and a dracolich now lives beneath the ruins.
  74. Serpent Hills
    1. A range of red clay hills, treacherous ravines, winding ridges, and tall mesas. Only scrub bushes survive in the dry clay. Beneath this arid land lie the Serpent Ways, a series of twisting, well-guarded tunnels and chambers that the yuan-ti of Najara use to navigate the region. The serpents care little for who walks over the surface of the hills as long as they do not enter the tunnels. The capital of Najara, Ss’khanaja, is found in the northwest of the hills on the river with much of the city hidden underground.
  75. Marsh of Chelimber
    1. A sulfurous swamp inhabited by lizardfolk. The leaders of each tribe have sworn allegiance to the kingdom of Najara.
  76. Greycloak Hills
    1. A set of high hills surrounding Evereska. They are constantly shrouded in mist, which is allegedly an enchantment that deadens magic and warns the elves of intruders. The hills contain many ancient barrows of human and elven warriors and kings. The hills are said to be filled with banshees and a golem formed from the mist itself.
  77. Evereska
    1. A hidden mountain vale within the Greycloak Hills. A secret elven village lies there, obscured by twisting mountain passes and magical disguises. Any who could fly over the freezing and windy peaks would be met by the guardians of Evereska, riding giant eagles. The village is composed of small groups of building spread throughout the valley and connected by winding forest paths. It is a sunny valley, surrounded by misty hills and mountains. No outsiders are allowed in Evereska except in extraordinary circumstances. Any outsiders who wish to meet a citizen or trade with the artisans of Evereska must meet at the Halfway Inn, surrounded by wilderness at the foot of the Greycloak Hills. Some human and orc barbarian tribes inhabit the western edges of the moor.
  78. Anauroch
    1. A vast desert that holds the ruins of the ancient Netherese Empire. When their empire failed, their flying cities fell and were buried beneath the sands. The desert is now inhabited only by a small number of nomadic tribes. A race of aberration mages called the phaerimm are said to be imprisoned beneath the desert by an ancient magic ward. An order of Netherese wizards, trapped on another plane when there empire fell and driven mad in their exile, are said to have returned and to be attempting to rebuild their lost home.
  79. Border Forest
    1. A long forest that connects several areas in the east of Faerun. The woods are a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees. The woods are roamed by large packs of wolves. There are orc and trolls hideouts in the forest. The fey presence is known to be abnormally hostile because of the heavy logging of the forest. Several cells of the Eldreth Veluuthra, fanatical elves bent on eliminating all human presence in Faerun, are based in the Border Forest. The Flaming Tower, a former fire giant fortress, is now held by a beholder and its minions. A fallen Netherese floating city is rumored to have crashed in the forest as well but its location has never been discovered.
  80. Zhentil Keep
    1. The former stronghold of the Zhentarim. The city was destroyed and the Zhentarim were driven out after it was revealed that had made a pact with dark beings. Some notable locations in the ruins are the temple of Bane, the citys arcane center the Tower of the Art, and the barracks and command post of the Zhentarim. Parts of the city may still be protected by long-standing petrification spells.
  81. Thar
    1. A rocky moor stretching hundreds of miles from the east of Faerun. It is inhabited by mounted and nomadic tribes of ogres and orcs.
  82. Orlumbor
    1. An island just off the coast that is home to the greatest ship builders on the Sword Coast. If you need a ship built or repaired this is the place to go. Ironically the approach to its harbor is treacherous and rocky. Orlumbor primarily services Waterdeep, and relies on them for protection and trade.
  83. Warlocks Crypt
    1. A set of talon shaped towers surrounded by shattered rubble, half broken buildings, and deep, jagged craters. Those who get dangerously close can see that one of the towers has crack running down one side. They will also see flickering lights in the windows and some sort of creature crawling on the sides. The towers appear to be built of overlapping plates of black metal. A smooth black stone wall surrounds the towers and bridges without railings connect them, spiraling in to the central tower. The lich-king Larloch rules from the central tower. Defending his domain are several liches in his service, monstrosities twisted and strengthened by their magic, other undead enchanted to savor the suffering of their victims, and webs of magical energy waiting to unleash spells on those who trigger them. 
  84. Trollbark Forest
    1. A dense marshy forest filled with thorny underbrush, poisonous snakes, and monsters adapted to these conditions.
  85. Dragonspear Castle
    1. The crumbled ruins of a castle perpetually shrouded in mist. Built above an even older dwarven ruin by an explorer who looted its treasure. A portal to the Nine Hells was opened within the castle. For a time a fortified temple of good held the devils at bay, but it was destroyed and now the castle stands quiet but the dark plots that brew within are unknown. 
  86. Najara
    1. A kingdom of yuan-ti and naga ruled by the ancient spirit naga Jarant. The serpent king recently sent out ambassadors declaring Najara as an official nation, promising that merchants and travelers would be allowed to travel through unharmed as long as they stayed on the main road and other nations did not interfere with Najara. Najara is built on slave labor, using slaves of other races for much of their kingdom. Jarant is seen reverently by the inhabitants of Najara and is aided in his rule by a magic crown called the Marlspire  of Najara. He is advised by Dhosun Silverscale, yuan-ti pureblood who sent out the envoys establishing Najara to the other powers of the Sword Coast. A young green dragon called Emikaiwufeg also schemes in service of the king. A trio of yuan-ti warlocks also claims to have gained the power of an ancient serpent god. 
  87. Ss’thar’tiss’ssun
    1. A ruined temple-city on the northern fringe of the Forest of Wyrms. It was built in honor of a great serpent god and the faithful of Najara still journey to the Shrine of the Cowled Serpent within its heart. There was once a predictably short-lived human settlement built on the ruins. Some in Najara claim to have reawakened the power of this god. 
  88. Desertsmouth Mountains
    1. A range of windy, baking hot mountains on the edge Anauroch desert. A dwarven kingdom once ran throughout the peaks but the area is now inhabited by orcs, ogres, goblins, and dragons. The tomb of a legendary magic weaponsmith lies in one of the high mountain vales.
  89. Spiderhaunt Woods
    1. A forest infested with ettercaps, chitines, and spiders large and small. A single trail runs through the woods. It is a good place to gather rare spider components for alchemy or spells.
  90. Myth Drannor
    1. An elven city once called Cormanthor or the City of Song and Love before it fell into ruins. It was once the high point of elven civilization before it fell to an onslaught of demons. It still holds many artifacts of ancient elven artisans. The ruins are full of monsters but the remainder of the citys mythal still keeps the climate pleasant and seems to call plants and animals from miles around. The remnants of the broken mythal sometimes cause magic to work in unexpected ways. A Netherese flying city crashed into the western edge of the town, mixing the two cities artifacts and magic there.
  91. Hillsfar
    1. A powerful walled city-state on the coast of the Moonsea. The city is ruled by the wizard Maalthiir who places two great decrees on the city. First that legitimate trade may not be interfered with in any way, and second that no race other than humans is allowed within the city. 
  92. Cormanthor
    1. A mighty forest that was once the home of the elven empire Cormanthyr. The trees routinely reach over 100 feet high and the woods remain filled with many old secrets. The Rimwood is a sunny forest with the trees spread quite far from each other. In the Midwood leafier trees grow close together and begin to form an unbroken canopy. In the center the Starwood allows only dark green light through the densely packed trees, which now reach up to 400 feet. During the summer patches of magical interference called the Edgelands appear in parts of the forest, causing unusual weather effects to appear and spells to go wrong. Several deep, wide rivers run through the forest, filled with fish that can grow larger than a man. It is rumored that there are portals within the forest leading to different parts of Faerun and even to Evermeet. After the elves left parts of the forest were claimed by the drow. Animated plants left by the elves still guard much of the forest. Semberholme was a secret refuge of the elves on a lake that protected the weak and gave the elves a place to retreat. Tangled Trees is a base for elves who wish to see all non-elves in or near the forest killed.
  93. The Trollclaws
    1. A range of thickly forested hills home to a great many trolls. It is unknown why so many trolls congregate here, but it is dangerous to travel through and the troll raids threaten nearby communities. Mysteriously, even other creatures within these hills seem to have troll-like properties.
  94. Trollclaw Ford
    1. The only safe crossing on the Winding Water within the Trollclaws. It has been occupied by various forces over the years, but each has been driven out by the trolls and had their fortifications left in ruins.
  95. Boareskyr Bridge
    1. A mighty bridge carved of black granite that provides the only safe crossing over the Winding Water for hundreds of miles. This bridge is key part of the Trade Way, connecting Waterdeep to the center and south of the Sword Coast. A century ago the god of murder was slain upon this bridge and the water still runs black and foul for miles downriver. Fort Tamal is a small keep with a bit of a village surrounding it that stands near the bridge’s southern bank.
  96. Forest of Wyrms
    1. A thick pine and redwood forest in the kingdom of Najara overrun with snakes of all kinds. The snakes which seem magically called to these woulds are often unnaturally large or venomous. Ralionate, an ancient green dragon not yet aligned with Najara, makes her lair somewhere within the forest. Tholtzin, an ancient citadel rumored to have once held a lich, now serves as a market where outsiders come to sell slaves to Najara. 
  97. Fields of the Dead
    1. A grassy plain dotted by low hills. A battleground that has hosted centuries of wars, many of the hillocks are in fact barrows. The salt wind constantly rustles through the grass and is rumored to be the whispers of the dead. Only a few shepherds choose to graze these lands, builing stout farmhouses on its edges and often adding what stone walls they can to their settlements as well. Deeper in there are rumors of barrows treasure, undead awakened from their rest, and monsters who roam the plains or make their burrows in the hillsides. 
  98. Trielta Hills
    1. Rolling hills filled with peaceful pastoral settlements of gnomes and halflings. The races seem to prosper together, as the halflings farm the hills and gnomes work small surface mines of gold and silver. Members of both races also work as shepherds and artisans. Their dwellings are built into the sides of the hills. Each community is managed and protected by a sheriff, a role that comes more naturally to halflings. Mines that have been exhausted may become residences for halflings once fixed up or turned into inns and accommodations for the big folk. Occasionally a particularly rich strike may trigger a gold rush bringing in outside prospectors and temporarily disrupting the peaceful rhythms of the hills. 
  99. Northdark Wood
    1. An eerie forest with a passage to the Underdark.
  100. 100)Hardbuckler
    1. A walled gnome settlement on the southeast edge of the Trielta Hills. Ringing the walls are several banks of clockwork ballistae that can fire nearly constantly. Although seldom tested this fortification discouages those who would prey on Hardbuckler or the Trielta Hills. There are only 3 streets in Hardbuckler, one circular street along the inside of the wall, one running north-south, and one intersecting it in the center of the city running east-west. Any buildings designed for big folk are located along these streets, typically near the center of the city. The rest of the city consists of buildings densely packed together up to 2 stories above ground and 3 below ground. Narrow twisting pathways lead under, over, and through the spaces between these buildings. Typically dwellings are above ground with taprooms and workshops for artisans below ground. The furnishings for these spaces are carefully crafted  to fit perfectly inside. There is a wizard in Hardbuckler who specializes in storing and protecting magic items. 
  101. 101)The Dalelands
    1. A confederacy of small agricultural states called dales. While they are united by an honest work ethic and a quiet, reserved demeanor of the people, each dale has its own government, militia, and culture. The area is made up of bountiful, rolling farmlands interspersed with dense forest groves. The Dales Council brings the leaders of each dale together once a year at Midwinter and in times of emergency. The economy of each dale might rely on pottery, textiles, mining, logging, fishing, farming, or trading. 
  102. 102)Baldur's Gate
    1. Large city. Meeting of a bay, a road, and a river. Ruled by the Council of Four. 4 dukes, one of whom is chosen as the grand duke to break ties. The Parliament of Peers, a group of 50 nobles and powerful commoners who make recommendations to the dukes. The Watch defends the upper city where the patriars(nobles) live and the Flaming Fist mercenary company enforces laws in the rest of the city. The Guild controls the underworld of the city, allowing smaller gangs to claim specific territory. The upper city is physically full, leaving no way for new families to become nobles. There is 1 dwarf noble family, the Shattershields, who are as haughty as the humans. The lower city contains the port, and everything from wealthy commoner merchants to beggars. The outer city sprawls beyond the walls, containing poverty and business best conducted outside the city. In the outer city a Calishite district has built its own walls, and constructed a dense community with raised walkways above the slow cart traffic. The bridge that crosses the river near Baldur’s Gate is covered with shops and taverns, along it, hanging from it, and built on it supports. 
  103. 103)Fort Morninglord
    1. A fort in Elturgard. Several years ago a regiment of paladins at the fort simply disappeared. The fort is now sealed and the paladins of the realm now maintain a camp surrounding it.
  104. 104)Elturel
    1. Elturel sits on a hill surrounded by a bend in the River Chionthar. Above a cliff face above the river sits the High Hall, the center of government in the capital of Elturgard. A stream runs from a spring in the basement of the castle formin a series of dancing waterfalls down the cliff-face. Along the stream lies water garden crisscrossed by a series of narrow wooden paths. 
  105. 105)Elturgard
    1. A small, blessed kingdom. In the city of Elturel a vampire cabal held power, preying on the citizens. The last of the noble living warriors were nearly beaten during a midnight attack by the vampire and its spawn. Then a second sun appeared overhead, turning the black of night into daylight and searing the vampires to dust. Each night since the second sun has remained steadfastly in the sky, now called The Companion by the people. This miracle has attracted both the devout and those desperate for divine aid. The paladins drawn by the blessing of the new sun call themselves the Companions and swear to work as one regardless of their individual faith. The non-divine militant who defend this nation are called the Hellriders, after a local legend. The nation is ruled by the High Observer, chosen from among the ranks of clerics and paladins. The nation relies greatly on these defenders as it is beset by many enemies, including the Yuan-Ti of Najara. The constant illumination of Elturgard can be off-putting for newcomers and inns are designed to accommodate them. The work day is governed by bells ringing the time and the bright nights make crime difficult to pull off. 
  106. 106)Triel
    1. A small farming village in Elturgard located on the edge of the Fields of the Dead. It is protected by a rough log and boulder stockade.
  107. 107)Scornubel
    1. A city of Elturgard, known as the City of Caravans. A hub of trading and source of great wealth for the nation, it also attracts outsiders, trouble, and crime because of its riches and constant flow of travelers. 
  108. 108)The Reaching Woods
    1. A damp, hilly forest in Elturgard with many pools and streams leading down into the River Chionthar. The forest has been a traditional burial ground for local humans, elves, and half-elves. Within the woods hobgoblins, gnolls, and the allied satyrs and centaurs fight for control.
  109. 109)The Far Hills
    1. A range of rocky hills and valleys and thick groves of trees under the firm control of the Zhentarim of Darkhold.
  110. 110)Darkhold
    1. Darkhold Castle was built by giants. Its scale is titanic with doors and stairs impossible for humans to use and a set of gates that defy belief. It has been eons since the giants ruled from this seat of power and it is now base of operations for the Zhentarim. The Zhentarim is a coalition of merchants and mercenaries, who have might and subtle influence throughout the Sword Coast and beyond. Their aims and the identity of their members are largely unknown. They are led by the Pereghost, a seemingly immortal figure who is always shrouded within his armor. Darkhold Vale is small village full of sullen suspicious peasants who supply the castle. The castle is defended by veteran heavy infantry and archers of the Zhentarim and by a flock of wyverns commanded by a ranger immune to their poison. 
  111. 111)Sunset Mountains
    1. A pair of mountain ranges separated by the Far Hills. There are several small, secretive dwarven mines within the mountains as the range is also populated with yetis, gnolls, ogres, and drow. The ice caves near the peaks are sometimes home to frost giants and their pet displacer beasts.
  112. 112)The Storm Horns
    1. A jagged and craggy range of mountains. The mountains are filled with ruins from an ancient goblin empire. A few human settlements protected by log pallisades stand along the High Horn Pass through the mountains.
  113. 113)The High Moors
    1. Unknown given that there is a more important location called the High MOOR.
  114. 114)Arabel
    1. A fortified city that guards a crossroads in northern Cormyr and is a major trade center. Unlike the rest of Cormyr weapons may be worn unbound.
  115. 115)Cormyr
    1. A prosperous nation in the east of Faerun. It is currently beset by bandits and orc and goblin armies. Although it is the home of the Purple Dragon Knights and the War Wizards, their ranks are not large and there is profitable work for adventurers here. The regent may even offer land in exchange for extraordinary services. Everyone entering Cormyr must register with border officials, weapons must be secured and unusable except for those with a royal charter, and harming cats is forbidden. The noble houses of Cormyr meet with the king, queen, or regent at the start of each summer to discuss the state of the kingdom and renew allegiances. The kingdom is filled with several rich forests, used for logging but carefully maintained, has a large lake in the center, and sits on a part of the Sea of Fallen Stars called the Lake of Dragons.
  116. 116)Hullack Forest
    1. A dense forest in Cormyr.  Although the edges are inhabited and important hunting and logging grounds the interior is dark and filled with hidden valleys. Few travel to the center and it is rumored to be filled with ghosts and monsters. A ruined city from before the founding of Cormyr is located somewhere within, and bands of lycanthropes and viciously anti-human elves control parts of the woods.
  117. 117)Thunder Peaks
    1. A mountain range in Cormyr known for its violent rainstorms which seem to appear out of nowhere. The mountains hold several tribes of orcs and goblins and a dracolich who is rumored to be able to tell the future.
  118. 118)Mulhessen
    1. A settlement in Sembia. Otherwise unknown
  119. 119)Archwood
    1. A forest in the Dalelands. It is known for its large packs of lycanthropes and owlbears, and is rumored to hold the remains of an ancient elven school of wizardry.
  120. 120)Saerloon
    1. A large city in Sembia known for its distinctive gothic architecture. The city is a profitable trading port on the Sea of Fallen Stars, and that wealth is seen in its extravagantly embellished buildings. The city has a large and highly trained force of guards, as the trade attracts a great deal of thievery and intrigue. The city is ruled by a mayor elected by a council of merchants, typically one of themselves.
  121. 121)Selgaunt
    1. A large and decadently wealthy city that is the capital of Sembia. A bustling port on the Sea of Fallen Stars, the city is controlled by a cartel of merchant families and the Scepters, the force of guardsmen under their control. Selgaunt has a large foreign district to comfortably host travelers and traders from other realms. There is a large but unused temple to Shar, an evil god, that is a remnant of the citys past occupation by a larger empire.
  122. 122)Sembia
    1. A wealthy nation unified from a former alliance of city-states. The nation is known for preferring bargaining and diplomacy to warfare. The nation was a vassal of the Netherese empire before it collapsed. 
  123. 123)Ordulin
    1. The former capital of Sembia now destroyed and consumed by a great maelstrom of shadow unleashed by the Netherese empire. The cloud of shadow constantly surrounds the former city. Above the cloud there is a chunk of floating earth which holds a citadel with a mystic connection to the Shadowfell.
  124. 124)Yhaunn
    1. A coastal city of Sembia built at the bottom of a former quarry. A century ago the walls broke away then became earthmotes, floating chunks of earth hovering above the city. At the time this destroyed large swaths of the city, killing many inhabitants, but the city has recovered and regrown expanding the city onto the earthmotes to gain a unique advantage.
  125. 125)The Cloakwood
    1. A thick, overgrown forest. The forest is crisscrossed with deep narrow ravines cut into the rocky earth by streams and overhung by densely packed trees. The wooded shoreline of the Cloakwood is a potential landing point for ships, but few choose it due to the vicious monsters and fey which inhabit the wood. The forest holds a large manor and clocktower that served as the main base for a large band of marauders led by a necromancer. The scholars of nearby Candlekeep say that the Cloakwood holds several portals to other planes or other places in Faerun.
  126. 126)Candlekeep
    1. The keep stands on a crag of volcanic rock jutting hundreds of feet out of the coastline. A wall, irregularly interrupted with towers, defines the keep. Within towers stand clustered asymmetrically around the central tower, taller and broader than any other. Spirally up around this centerpiece is a stairway that doubles as a garden, overflowing with greenery. Ocean spray mists the seaward towers, coating them in frost in the winter. The road leading out to this lonely fortress is known as the Way of the Lion. Within the towers is the Great Library which contains writings of all sorts. Those who can sort through the inconsequential can find bits of lore known nowhere else and even works of true prophecy. The scholar-monks of Candlekeep guard the library closely, though they are friendly enough to those allowed inside. To gain entrance a seeker must present Candlekeep with a work of writing not already present, or unique in some other way. Clerics or mages who serve gods of knowledge or are otherwise known as friends of the keep may be allowed admission without an offering. The massive doors at the entrance of Candlekeep seem to ward the libraries against lightning and divination magic. Within are the libraries and rooms for visitors to rest and monks to guide pilgrims’ searches. The towers extend down into the rock as well. The monks may occasionally commission others to hunt down particular knowledge in the outside world and will sell copies of books of lore or of spellbooks. 
  127. 127)Wood of Sharp Teeth
    1. A forest near Elturgard containing Vehlarr, a city of united werewolf packs. These packs control the forest, giving it its name. The woods are filled with moist, rich soil and large bent-over trees like oak and willow. On the southern edge of the forest is Durlag’s Tower, which held the riches of an ancient dwarf. He built the tower of volcanic stone and filled it with traps to protect his horde. The tower is now said to be the lair of a great fiend and even the werewolves avoid it.
  128. 128)Berdusk
    1. A town in Elturgard known for its skilled artisans. Its native nobility have made a great show of supporting Elturgards divine calling, giving the town a reputation for false piety.
  129. 129)Iriaebor
    1. A city on the River Chionthar that connects the Sword Coast to the east of Faerun. It is also called the City of a Thousand Spires. The space within the walls of the city is small, so  as it became prosperous and grew citizens built up. Many-storied towers rise from nearly every building in the city, connected by bridges of varying quality of construction. The city streets are now narrow and winding and often covered in shadow. 
  130. 130)Sunset Mountains
    1. See 111
  131. 131)Easting
    1. A small village notable for its above ground dwarven population. They are excellent smiths and breeders of horses. It is also the home of a sage who is an expert in the uses of rare plants. Easting is known to trade with all customers regardless of allegiance.
  132. 132)Proskur
    1. A city just outside the border of Cormyr. It is known for doing a great deal of trade in substances and materials that are illegal in most other realms and cities. The leaders of the city are former criminals and have a reputation for sniffing out and coming down hard on crime deemed unacceptable. 
  133. 133)Priapurl
    1. A small town in Cormyr. It is the home of the Mindulgulph Mercenary Company. The company is formed of monstrous humanoids and monsters they control. 
  134. 134)Elversult
    1. A successful town at the crossing of several trade roads. Instead of walls the city is surrounded by a thick ring of trees overlooked by towers. Wooded glades and spring fed pools are scattered throughout the city. Several temples stand on a rocky tor in the center of the city. Caravan builders and stockyards can be found just outside the citys limits.
  135. 135)Marsember
    1. A city of Cormyr built on the shore and the sandy isles in the mouth of a river that feeds into the Sea of Fallen Stars. The many small parts of the city are connected by bridges and a fleet of skiffs which run chaotically between various isles and points on the shore. The citys population could grow up to 20% during fishing season. All mages entering the city had to register with officials. The garrison within the city is built in the shell of a dragonturtle. There are a large number of shipbuilders at the port here and the first ship to enter the port each year after the ice thaws begins a festival called the Breaking. Marsember is called the City of Spices for both the spices grown in the nearby marshes and for the spices shipped from across the Sea of Fallen Stars to be sold there.
  136. 136)Lake of Dragons
    1. Also call the Dragonmere, a lake connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars.
  137. 137)Westgate
    1. A seedy and squalid metropolis. The crime syndicates of the city prosper of trade, legitimate and black market, protection rackets, and piracy on the Sea of Fallen Stars. Theft and crime of all type is rampant in the city. Outsiders are welcome as long as they have coin they can be robbed or swindled out of. Westgate is an independent city and the crime families attempt to play the nations of Cormyr and Sembia against each other to keep the city from being annexed and reformed. A pair of assassins guild wage a secret war with each other and an order of paladins labors fruitlessly to clean up the city.
  138. 138)Sea of Fallen Stars
    1. A land locked sea in the center of Faerun. It connects more than a dozen nations and many more city states. This allows for constant trade and frequent piracy. The Ship of the Gods is a volcano in the eastern part of the sea. The are several underwater kingdoms of aquatic elves, merfolk, and sahuagin. 
  139. 139)The Cloud Peaks
    1. A narrow range of tall mountains marking the northern border of Amn. The passes through the mountains are quite treacherous with high winds and many hidden ravines. Ogres, hill giants, cloud giants, and remorhazes are believed to live here. A great temple to an evil god is rumored to be hidden somewhere in the mountains.
  140. 140)Greenest
    1. The largest town in the Green Fields area. It was founded by a halfling who saw herself as Queen of the Greenfields. Although this unification never happened, the town remains prosperous.
  141. 141)The Green Fields
    1. A pleasant grassland with many streams running through it. A number of minor warlords and merchants have attempted to build a kingdom here but none have ever lasted more than a generation. 
  142. 142)The Snakewood
    1. A small forest named for the black and green snakes unique to the woods. A small band of  elves live there, allegedly to protect and serve a group of seven unicorns.
  143. 143)Troll Mountains
    1. A range of low mountains, home to exceptionally intelligent groups of trolls. In the past humans have attacked and slaughtered the trolls, and the trolls have sometimes launched raids in retaliation. The trolls have always survived by retreating deep into the mountains and the magical items they have created have never been successfully stolen by the humans.
  144. 144)The Giants Plain
    1. Unknown
  145. 145)Giants Run Mountains
    1. A range of mountains in the south of the Sword Coast occupied by several dwarven mines. The range is rumored to occupied by gemstone dragons and at least one mine accidentally punctured the Underdark releasing drow and illithids, although the dwarves will not admit it.
  146. 146)Gulthmere
    1. An overgrown forest of pine and cedar, sacred to the lion god Nobanion and touched by his presence. A small but unusually organized community of druids live there honoring him. 
  147. 147)The Small Teeth
    1. A small range of short mountains. The hills on the southern face of the range are known for growing wine grapes. In the mountains there are several hideouts of a tough gang of human outlaws known as the Skeletal Finger. In a series of interconnected caves beneath the mountain there is a makeshift empire of monstrous creatures, including goblinoids, ogres, and hill giants, ruled by a pair of ogre magi. The trails through these mountains are exceptionally twisty and easily confuse the inexperienced.
  148. 148)Murann
    1. A large port city of Amn. The second largetst city of Amn and key to its wealth because of large trading, whaling, and shipbuilding operations. Murann has established trader routes with the far off continent of Maztica. The city is currently the site of a fierce competition between two merchant families for control of the spice trade, both using any imaginable tactics short of open battle to gain an edge. The city is also known for a large and exceptionally knowledgeable alchemist’s guild. There is a temple to Selune in Murann made from the bow of a great ship.
  149. 149)Amn
    1. A fabulously wealthy nation south of the Sword Coast. It controls trade between the Sword Coast and the southern nations and holds colonies on the Moonshaes in the Sword Sea and on the distant continents of Chult and Maztica. Its population is mostly human with a large minority of halflings. Fairly small in size but capable of growing a diverse variety of crops. Lake Esmel in the center of the nation is warmed by hot springs year round. Spellhold is a now abandoned prison that once held unlawful mages. 
  150. 150)Tejarn Hills
    1. A rural, agricultural region of Amn. Urban citizens of Amn frequently look down on those living in the hills. The southern edge of the hills is also the southern border of Amn.
  151. 151)Riatavin
    1. A city that seceded from Amn to join Tethyr. Prior to leaving Amn it had been shrinking in population and wealth, and seeing a resulting rise in crime. These problems have not immediately ceased upon joining Tethyr. The largest college dedicated to the study of psionics is located here. 
  152. 152)Shilmista Forest
    1. A forest beginning on the plain and climbing into the foothills of the Snowflake Mountains. The forest is currently considered part of Tethyr but has been controlled by Amn in the past. The woods once held a kingdom of wild green elves and the trees are rumored to still be enchanted in mysterious ways to defend the small population of remaining green elves. 
  153. 153)Snowflake Mountains
    1. A range of tall mountains in Tethyr. Separate rumors tell of a lichs lair and of a carefully hidden citadel of an evil cleric somewhere within the mountain range.
  154. 154)The Shining Plains
    1. An open plain named for the appearance of sunlight on the ground across the vast expanses. There are several human city-states on the edges of the plain. The interior of the plain is controlled by tribes of centaurs and wemics, a race with humanoid torso and the mane and four legs of a lion. There is also a powerful enclave of druids that wander the plain.
  155. 155)Ormath
    1. A city-state on the edge of the Shining Plains. It has a reputation for frequently instigating small conflicts and battles. They patrol and protect the trade roads leading around the Shining Plains. There are large temples to Silvanus and Tempus in the city. The ruler of the city is concerned with reports of lizardfolk in nearby Flooded Forest.
  156. 156)The Flooded Forest
    1. A wooded marshland filled with many standing dead trees prone to unexpected collapse. These trees can stand a century after death. Trees both living and dead are covered in mushrooms and mosses. The swamp is filled with lizardfolk, carnivorous plants, fungal creatures, stirges, vampiric pixies, and other monsters unique to the area. Some locals believe that certain monsters are being brought in and released in the swamp, although they don’t know who is doing it or to what purpose. The swamp is connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars by a river and some pirates make their hideout here. The ruins of cities, temples, and crypts can be found where the swamp swallowed them from formerly dry ground. There is a tower in the south of the forest said to be the home of a being called the Mage Who Never Dies.
  157. 157)Orsraun Mountains
    1. The largest range of mountains south of the Spine of the World. The northeastern mountains are the domain of the dwarves of Ironfang Deep. The dwarves here are frequently beset from below by duergar. The rest of the mountains are controlled by a large tribe of hill giants led by a shaman. A mercenary company of ogres who use obsidian weapons also have their stronghold in these mountains. Mount Andrus is an active volcano in the Orsrauns, the home on an ancient evil according to legend. There is also said to be a gate though time within the volcano, protected from its heat with powerful magic, although where in time it leads is unknown.
  158. 158)Hlondeth
    1. An independent city-state in the south with long association with yuan-ti and other serpent creatures. The ruling family is said to be part snake themselves and consort with nagas. Despite this the laws of the city are known for being relatively light. The city is dominated by two large buildings. First is the Great Aviary of Extaminos, which has no equal anywhere in Faerun. The second is the Cathedral of Emerald Scales, a massive temple built over centuries and dedicated to the yuan-ti snake god.
  159. 159)Turmish
    1. A peaceful and prosperous republic on the southwest side of the Sea of Fallen Stars. The inhabitants are primarily humans but large numbers of all the civilized humanoids can be found here. A ruling council, the Assembly of Stars, and a Lord of Turmish are elected from among the citizens. Citizens may be elected whether they choose to run for office or not and they serve for three years. During this time they travel the realm and make decisions about the defense and interests of the realm as a whole. Individual cities are very different and have great freedom in how they rule themselves as long as they pay the national taxes. The nation has a strong defensive position, being surrounded by several mountain ranges. The nation is known for crafting uniquely enhanced and ornate armor. Merchants and visitors to other’s home are expected to bring a gift of unique or exotic food. Many guesthouses are maintained along the roads for travelers in Turmish. The Feast of the Moon is a festival held the night after Midsummer where many got married and lovers agreed to meet each other in strange places. The Reign of Misrule is a festival 10 days after Highharvestide where people are allowed to break the oaths of their guild or faith as long as they do no serious harm.
  160. 160)Forest of Tethir
    1. A rainy forest of large trees that extends out onto a peninsula past the southern border of Amn. There are many cascading streams and ponds filled with lilies. Off the protected Trade Way running through the forest there are a wide variety of creatures and monsters in the woods. Small towns stand near the Trade way just north and south of the forest. Pirates from the Nelanther use the peninsula as a hideout and source of wood for building and repairing ships The woods hold many secrets including an ancient elven necropolis, an elven city built into the treetops, a hideout for good-aligned drow, and an archdevil gathering evil forces.
  161. 161)Deepwing Mountains
    1. A small range of hills and mountains. The tombs of important lizardfolk are built there. The mountains are mostly populated with large flying monsters.
  162. 162)The Vilhon Reach
    1. A southern arm of the Sea of Fallen Stars. The reach is important for trade in the area but plagued by merrows and underwater goblinoids.
  163. 163)The Aphrunn Mountains
    1. A range of volcanic mountains on the north shore of the Vilhon Reach.
  164. 164)Tuern
    1. An Northlander island of reavers and slavers. They have an intense distrust of magic and they pillage to offer tribute to the red dragons and giants who live in the mountains along to norther shore.
  165. 165)Uttersea
    1. A town built into the side of a collapsed dormant volcanic caldera. The caldera’s walls shield the town from the harshest weather and the heat from below warms the town and the water of the nearby bay, to the point of boiling in some places. It is the largest settlement on Tuern.
  166. 166)Ruins of Ascarl
    1. An abandoned underwater city of the elves. Its mythal still fills the city with air. The buildings and walkways are carved from crystal and red coral. Since being abandoned by the elves it has been ruled by a kraken, a drow banshee, and now a mind flayer named Vestress. She has an army of merrow, sea ogres, evil nereids, and marine gargoyles defending the city.
  167. 167)Trisk
    1. Westernmost isle of the Purple Rocks. Otherwise unknown.
  168. 168)Ulf of Thuger
    1. The largest village in the Purple Rocks.
  169. 169)Utherall
    1. A settlement in the Purple Rocks.
  170. 170)The Purple Rocks
    1. A seemingly peaceful island of the Northlanders. Although friendly and filled with green pastures and rich fishing waters, the island is filled only with men of a young but indeterminate age. The islanders depict all humanoid figures in their art with tentacles where there arms should be and seem eager to help outsiders be able to leave as quickly as possible.
  171. 171)Vilkstead
    1. A settlement in the Purple Rocks
  172. 172)Gundarlun
    1. The merchant isle of the Northlanders. A more peaceful and pragmatic place where a ship can trade, resupply, or purchase repairs.
  173. 173)Gundbarg
    1. Capitol of Gundarlun.
  174. 174)Trackless Sea
    1. A section of the ocean running from the Sea of Swords to the continent of Maztica.
  175. 175)Ruathym
    1. The ancestral birth place of the Northlanders. When they go to war any ship on the high seas becomes fair game. 
  176. 176)The Whale Bones
    1. An archipelago of scores of tiny islands and atolls. It is known for the baffling number of giant sea creatures that wash up there, leaving their valuable bones behind, and for the microscopic wars between the various islands over these ivory prizes.
  177. 177)Finback
    1. A settlement on the Whale Bones. Otherwise unknown
  178. 178)Northlander Isles
    1. A cold and windy archipelago and the ancestral home of the Northlanders. They are often wrapped in fog and in the winter the inlets can freeze over. The natives wear many layers of fur and live for raiding and battle. Northlanders most fervently worship Valkur, a culture-hero of their nation.
  179. 179)Korinn Archipelago
    1. Dozens of small, rocky, rainy islands. Each islands Northlander settlement is self-sufficient with little allegiance to the others. It’s always uncertain how a settlement will react to outsiders but the island of Pandira serves as a neutral ground between the Northlanders.
  180. 180)Skadaurak
    1. The mountain island of home of Hoondarrh, Red Rage of Mintarn. There are sea caves with sandy shores where tribute is left for the dragon, and little more is known of this place.
  181. 181)Mintarn
    1. Mintarn is a neutral place where anyone who sails the Sea of Swords can find a friendly port. It is a place where treaties are signed and a source of mercenaries as well. In recent years it has become rich selling its services to Waterdeep and Neverwinter. However Hoondarrh, the ancient red dragon, has reawakened and seen the wealth of Mintarn. Although they have been careful in keeping up his tribute the dragon has decided that their greater wealth means he is owed a greater gift. Mintarn is ruled by a tyrant who preserves its status as a neutral ground and free port. Each tyrant lasts 5 to 6 years before being replaced. Outside the harbor and its inns with Mintarns unique green wine the island is loosely settled with farms.
  182. 182)Norland
    1. The stronghold of the Northlanders. Weakened after a mysterious leader called the Storm Maiden led them on a disastrous campaign to rule the Sea of Swords. Now ruled by the aging Jarl Rault.
  183. 183)Rogarsheim
    1. The largest settlement on Norland. Inhabitants who are not Northlanders, including dwarves, are allowed to live here.
  184. 184)Moonshae Isles
    1. The Moonshaes rise high and sheer to misty forested plateaus. The Southern Isles are the land of the Ffolk, humans ruled by High King Derid Kendrick. They worship the Earthmother, led by druids who use moonwells, magic pools within sacred groves, to see into her world. The Northern Isles are now ruled by the settlers who traveled south from Ruathym. These groups share the isles uneasily and not always peacefully.
  185. 185)Sea of Moonshae
    1. A calm sea sheltered by the Moonshae Isles. 
  186. 186)Fairheight Range
    1. The mountain range on Alaron in the Moonshae Isles. See 188
  187. 187)Dernal Forest
    1. A forest on Alaron in the Moonshae Isles. A circle of druids attempts to purge it of evil. See 188
  188. 188)Alaron
    1. The largest and most populous of the Moonshaes. Caer Callidyr, the seat of the High King of the Ffolk, sits over a bay to the south of the mountains. The forest along the southern coast is a mysterious and deadly place, filled with goblins and worgs, and otherworldly creatures and fae deeper within.  In the high peaks of the central mountain range the Rookoath dwarves do battle with the orcish armies of a shadow dragon master, cryptically refusing the aid of the Ffolk. Kythyss, a port town, sits on the far southern tip of the island.
  189. 189)Oman’s Isle
    1. A ruined, desolate island now ruled by fomorians and other giants. Once a peaceful farming and gold mining island.
  190. 190)Iron Keep
    1. Now in ruins, it was once the seat of the ruler of Oman’s Isle.
  191. 191)Trollclaw Range
    1. A mountain range on Moray infested with giants.
  192. 192)Caer Moray
    1. The port that connects Moray to the outside world.
  193. 193)Fairview
    1. Located on Moray in the Moonshae isles. Otherwise unknown
  194. 194)Dynnegall
    1. The fortified town which serves as a staging point for the Ffolks defense of the isle of Moray.
  195. 195)Moray
    1. An island the Ffolk strive valiantly to defend. They are beset by the Black Blood tribe of werefolk, the giants of the Trollclaw Range, and the orcs and ogre of the Orcskill Mountains in the south.
  196. 196)Gwynneth
    1. Gwynneth becomes ever more fae and mysterious under the rule of its eleven queen, the High Lady of the kingdom of Sarifal. In the mountains is the tiny kingdom of Synnoria, home of the Llewyr elves and dwarves. The High Lady’s son leads a battle against the darker fae of the northern forest.
  197. 197)Myrloch Vale
    1. A lush valley surrounding the shimmering Myrloch. Druid circles seek this place out in alliance with the elves and fae of the island.
  198. 198)Caer Corwell
    1. The ruins of a former Ffolk stronghold. High King Derid wishes to use it as an embassy to the elves of Gwynneth, but they have so far refused.
  199. 199)Snowdown
    1. A colony of Amn, who have brutally subjugated the Ffolk living there and stripped the island bare for its resources. 
  200. 200)Caer Westphal
    1. The seat of power in Snowdown.
  201. 201)Sea of Swords
    1. A cold and storm-wracked sea of the coast of Faerun aka the Sword Coast. 
  202. 202)Evermeet
    1. Elves believe that far to the west is the island of Evermeet, which lies in Arborea and the Faewild as much as in this world. The isle was lost for ages but once again elves who have at last grown old go blind with moonbows hanging in their eyes, calling them to the west. Who knows what truly awaits them?
  203. 203)The Nelanther
    1. A string of islands that are the home of countless pirates and raiders. Full of both monstrous and common humanoids the islands follow no code, even common sense. They are as likely to fight among themselves as they are to attack other ships. Tribes and crews form and disband unpredictably and alliances shift rapidly. Any crew hired here are likely to stage a mutiny and claim a new pirate vessel if they believe they have the chance.
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