Things to do

Things to do

Next Session Notes


Will & Adam liked Karl's game because:

- Custom everything

- Really well thought out items and monsters

- Challenge aspects of the party

- Challenge weakness

- Integrated parts of backstory

Preparing for a Session

Date: After Spellplague

Seeing sessions as TV episodes, and overarching seasons.

Encounters - combat and non-combat challenges


Fronts develop

Something to do with PCs story / Tailored towards the players


Healing, monsters, demons

Cool NPCs


High Priority

King Hekaton and His Daughters


Leela experience when banished

Harshnag instructions


What can happen to make the combat interesting?

For Will to enjoy the game

- Speed up the time it takes to do combat

- Have a more focussed story

Lyn Armaal information

Maelstrom information

Harshnag communicates through the Monster Cards. Gives an overview of what's happening, and what the group needs to do.

Where is Harshnag?

Lost his legs. 

Road Encounters

Gargoyles attack the party. Sent from Iymrith.

Leela War Caster

Attack on Bryn Shander - Large-Scale Combat and events that happen.

Mad changing his character to knowledge - Developments on what happens. Something to do with Demons.

Nephis Shen (what he does when he arrives at Ironslag)

What's happening to Wave Echo Cave

[ ] Mouth smashing injury

More things to do in combat.

What's at the abandoned temple?


Medium Priority

Roll20 tokens for Shared Realms D&D (use PC)

Feats to process

Things to do between sessions (Herbalism and Alchemy etc)

- Talk about how we can speed up combat. Especially with summoned creatures.

Go through these for cool stuff

DM Screen:

Potion of healing breakdowns

Time based encounter

Goblin names

Alton the Minstrel's backstory/development

Giant music themes

Magic Shops

Espen Doppelganger character plotline

Seraphine's tressym (background)

Short rest (think about how we can have more of these)

Random Wilderness Encounters:

- Spells pages have components missing!

Character death

Raph and Lucy's creatures in Roll20

Distributed information about the world


Low Priority

Finish Shadepoint

Names for different races. E.g. Halfling names


Images in bestiary

roll detector bestiary

Spell detector bestiary

Reactions are missing!

Volo's Guide are missing!

Harmon Kost details for Johan

Detective storyline

Mounted combat


Components of a session


NPC interaction


Bad guy interaction

[] Monster lore for Mad/Adam - Monster Ecologies

[] Demons for Mad (To do with Luz Hari Margaster)

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[] Random Encounters for LMOP


# Felgolos


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