Tresendar Lodge

Tresendar Lodge



+500 gold

+47 gp from Eldon's money


Idea: Milo going into debt and borrowing money from the Zhentarim.

# Status of Lodge

Group Money

Tresendar Lodge Images


Lodge Workers Summary

Ruins 60% cleared

Paid 1250gp/5000

15 days worth of building

Things stored in the lodge basement:

The party owns the deed to the ruin of Tresendar Manor, along with it’s land.

May plan to build markets


The lodge is built

There is a strong wooden door on the secret entrance.

Milo gets a message via flying snake/Ex Redbrand (Lomund)

Milo designed lodge

New laws from Waterdeep.

Laws broken:

No permit to dig a grave (2 counts)

Dangerous equipment (traps, 15 counts)

Failure to request permission to renovate/remove a historically significant structure

# Developments

The party put an ad for a cook and cleaner in the Stonehill Inn




Frankom will build a door to the tunnel

## Encounter

A creature has found the underground entrance to Tresendar Lodge and is inhabiting one of the rooms

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